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Monday, 30 May 2022

The Field of Mars

 Our regular Tuesday game here in GHQ took place this week on Monday! The excuse being that Tuesday marks my 72nd birthday and a modest celebration of sorts seemed in order. On to the Field of Mars then with Coronus Cunctator and Bicca Magnus and another 2nd Punic Wars period battle, using Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval Wargames rules, with our sundry additions and amendments as ever. 

The Etruscans of Bicca Magnus advance to face Coronus Cunctator and the Wolf's Cubs!
Rome has entrusted Coronus Cunctator with its defence when threatened by an Etruscan revolt. He takes up a strong position along the ridge line blocking the Etruscans' route to the Eternal City.
First blood to the Cretan archers recruited to Bicca's service. (Did not see dice like those again very often as the battle unfolded!)
Before Coronus' army can consolidate its position Bicca's cavalry charge home against their opposite number, hoping for a quick triumph and an open flank!
As the cavalry fight swirls around on his right flank Coronus orders his infantry forward, forsaking the advantage of the ridge line he had occupied.
Bicca counters this unexpected advance by moving the whole of his infantry forward! 
Casualties are heavy as the cavalry action swirls around the flank of the armies. The clash of iron and bronze, the screams of the wounded and dying men and horses rent the air.
The whole of both armies horsemen are now engaged in a death struggle, seeking the upper hand which will open the infantry to murderous assault on an unprotected flank!
Coronus's elite cavalry drives back Bicca's horsemen in disarray! Losses are mounting and morale is weakening dangerously.
Bicca's horse are destroyed as a fighting force and Coronus's sub-general tries to rally his victorious cavalrymen for a battle winning attack on the Etruscan infantry's flank!
Hardly noticing the mayhem out on their flanks the two opposing bodies of infantry slowly close with each other.
Coronus's sub-general is having real trouble rallying his victorious cavalrymen into an effective fighting force. This enables Bicca to reposition his Italian allies to face the potential threat while his skirmishers engage their opposite numbers.
The cavalry charge against the Italian infantry, but they are badly outnumbered and are mauled!
At last the opposing Legions clash. The air is black with pila as the front lines strike home!
Seeing the Wolf's Cubs being mauled by the Etruscan Legion the cavalry are unleashed on their supporting maniples. The fighting is intense with many falling in the combat 

Both armies are exhausted and have suffered great losses. The fighting dies down, breaks out sporadically, and dies down again as both Coronus and Bicca strive to extricate the survivors. A hard fought and bloody battle ends inconclusively on this Field if Mars 


  1. A gripping narrative and photo montage of an equally gripping game. The close up photo at the beginning looks grand. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr.B! Another fine looking game.

  3. Happy Birthday David and a nice way to celebrate, albeit a day earlier. Lovely looking game as always.

  4. Happy Birthday David! As ever an inspiring game!


  5. Lovely and exciting game. And many happy returns.

  6. Some lovely figures on show, I don't do ancients but do like seeing them and it is always so very tempting when you see such work arrayed! Happy birthday by the way!!

  7. Cracking looking game there Dave.... the open-terrain look does a good job of capturing the theme, and an excellent well-written narrative. Maybe they all disengaged and broke off there in the end to sing a chorous of "Happy Birthday" ?

  8. Many happy returns David…
    A splendid looking game… it’s good to see your Punic War chaps out on the table…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thank you Aly, always nice to be encouraged by friends.

  9. Early Romans vs Etruscans - great stuff!