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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wonderful what holidays turn up...

Well, as those of you who followed my Blog on my old Freewebs site {of the same name} will know, I've been away on holiday for a couple of months: to Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore to be precise. Even when so far from home and hobby I find its remarkable what you can somehow 'find' which relates to the wider aspects of an interest in military history...
HMBark Endeavour, moored at Freemantle, WA

A 'Digger' in Vietnam ~ at the lovely Ray Robinson Memorial Militay Museum in Kadina, SA

The gateway to the C19th Fort in Singapore, now in Fort Canning Park, site of the WWII Battle Box, from where the failed defence of Malaya and Singapore itself was directed...

Well, just a taster really of what can be 'accidentally' found by the wargamer on holiday! Once I shake off this dreadful jetlag I'll try to post again on a more wargame related theme.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

You are very welcome at Tales from GHQ!

By way of a short introduction: this Blog is the new home of Tales From GHQ, my former site over on Freewebs having run its natural course. I hope to chronicle our games here in GHQ as well as showcase projects I'm working on a little more regularly now than I did in the past.
Currently I'm working on some 28mm Dixon ACW Army command vignettes just for fun really.

I've also got the Raja's Guard for my 28mm Indian Mutiny project ready to paint and another Anglo Zulu War command stand featuring those wonderful figures from Empress.
So, that's it for now folks. Pop back when you've got a minute and hopefully there'll be a little more to see.