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Monday, 2 August 2021

Cavalry Command base

 When seeking a suitable figure for the Pendawar Presidency CinC's Bodyguard unit you may recall I fixed on the Trent Miniatures' pack of Irish Yeomanry (without carbines), remembering a tip Duncan had given me. Having used the most appropriate figure from the three for that purpose I determined to use the other two to form a command base for the mounted arm of the Army of the Pendawar Presidency. The figure modelled with shouldered sabre was an obvious choice for the command figure leaving me to fashion a trumpeter out of the remaining figure. Sadly no hand with trumpet was to be found in my or Phil's bits box, but Matt came to my rescue, with a plastic hand and trumpet piece! The head wearing the tropical service helmet was already available following my 20th Light Dragoons addition and the bandaged head for the trumpeter is from the Empress Miniatures AZW range I think. Here's the piece anyway, enough whittering ~

On now with the nine Perry Miniatures Tribal cavalry to add a final unit for now to the army of Typoo Bhyka, the Tyger of Pendawar!


  1. Looks splendid here and in the flesh.

  2. Splendid David…

    “ You want to be careful mate … you could have your eye out with that”

    All the best. Aly

    1. Amusing! I thank you though, despite the 'jest'!

  3. A plastic hand! ... tis a slippery slope you are on Mr.B.

  4. Love the mounted command stand.


  5. Great use of spare figures, with a bit of conversion. Bravo!