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Friday, 7 January 2022

A small German house

 Having got the monkey off my back with the new 15mm Cold War Gone Hot project by painting up my sole resin building I have briskly moved ahead to tackling the first MDF building for the project. It's from the new, to me at least, firm LaserCraftArt (https://lasercraftart.com/cube4/index) , an eBay based supplier. I featured their range in a lost near the end of last December if you missed it.

The kits are easy to assemble and fit together nicely. As I'm no modeller remember,  that means they really are easy! The level of laser cut detail is about right in my view for a 15mm MDF building and even with paint and washes or dry brushing applied is still clear enough to be painted without guesswork. 

The finished building won't win any prizes for painting, but it will do for me. I've the second small building underway and hope to finish that, now the Sussex Light Dragoons are done,  over the next day or so. I'm so pleased by this range of buildings that I've ordered another small modern German house and a terrace of two houses and a shop with integral base. I hope this latter set can serve as a stand alone roadside ribbon settlement or be added to either the village of Bikelheim or the town of Groß Bikelberg. (As an aside, the farmhouse from Sarissa Precision via Arcane and the barn from Empires at War have both arrived now to be added to the MDF pimple!) Phil has airbrushed two sample vehicles, so I hope to have those in hand next week to work on the finished look. I've also been looking at game mats by Tiny with a view to having a more dedicated game look for the Cold War Gone Hot games in due course.


  1. That's come up really well David and for once, the roof looks much better and more realistic than most mdf versions I've seen. I can see why you're taken with them and they should look great once on the table, amongst other terrain etc.

    1. Thanks SteveJ, I'm quietly pleased by the results

  2. Its looks really well David.Its very neat and Germanic looking if you know what I mean.

  3. Those are rather fine looking buildings that you have finished off splendidly.

  4. Looks good to me and when combined with other buildings they all blend into a town effect 👍

  5. Very imressive job there Dave. I thought you said your were only an average painter!!! Looking forward to seeing how this project unfolds. Well done sir!