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Thursday, 25 October 2018

A Baptism of Fire!

For our regular Monday morning game it was my turn to host in GHQ and I unsurprisingly chose an AWI game for this week, with a view to 'blooding' my new units on both sides {See earlier Blog posts for details.} Lord Rawnsley, aka Phil, commanded the British and Loyalist forces, Old 'Independence or Death' Bykleigh, my good self of course, the Patriots. We decided on a 12 turn game to give the new Black Powder 2 rules a good run out and fielded almost all of my collection bar the Hessian Brigade. We decided the Crown's forces would attack the Loyalists, so set up accordingly with the Loyalists in three lines south of the road and the Crown's forces entering from the northern table edge, when Lord Rawnsley's orders were, eventually, relayed successfully to his Brigade commanders that is! Three turns of mostly failed Command Rolls is quite amusing when its not you I found! As is my wont, a photomontage to tell the unfolding tale of the action ~

The Loyalists/Rebels took up a defensive posture. It’s much
easier to be amused by failed Command Rolls when you are
not having to make your own!
King George would not be impressed with Lord Rawnsley’s
hesitant start. Only three units have managed to move in
three turns!
Loyalist Militia in the First Line, supported by artillery. They
felt nervous as the lobsters advanced on them! The artillery
duel down the road lasted all twelve moves ~ some indication
of  how deadly our shooting was,
Making the most of the Crown’s tardiness, Continentals
occupy the Farm buildings and line surrounding fences.
They proved impossible to drive out!

The Foot Guards’ fire discipline Disorders the Militia but
they remain unshaken. They are not cowed by tea drinkers!

The British Legion Infantry's advance falters under fire.
The Loyalist/Rebel position holds firm despite action all along
the front.

New unit syndrome strikes the 43rd! To their rear the 23rd
reform after faltering.

Pressure mounts on the Loyalist left centred on the farm
complex. The 42nd and the 64th advance to support the Guards
detachment who are Shaken and Disordered by Loyalist fire.

The Guards morale crumbles! "Cheer, Boys, Cheer!"

As the Crown's advance falters the Virginians advance to
relieve the battle weary Militia.

The 64th break under sustained fire from the advancing
Pennsylvania Continental troops.

The fighting around the farm is fierce, but the Loyalists hold
their ground despite losses.

Despite losses, the Loyalists go forward and overrun the
enemy's artillery.

The Crown's forces just cannot break the Loyalist's resolve!
A draw after 12 Turns, although Phil conceded the field and ordered a withdrawal. The Militia performed like heroes to a figure! The Guards did not enhance their standing sadly! Too many Command Roll failures in the firth three turns hampered the Crown's forces later in the game, allowing the Loyalists to occupy the farm in numbers.
A decent work out for Black Powder 2, though we realised we had forgotten one rule completely in the post battle chat! Only one though! No games now until November 7th, when Jon and I will lock horns in a Black Powder2 ACW game fought over a modification of the terrain for this battle.


  1. Nice to see your new troops getting a good airing and behaving accordingly.

    1. At least the Virginian Continentals held their heads up high!

    2. Its what is expected really...

  2. Courageous and beautiful Loyalists, great report on a gorgeous terrain!

  3. Great looking table and troops, and sounds like a good game. Glad to see. bP2 report.
    There's a counter that looks like Charlie Browns shirt - is that marking disorder?

    1. Yup, disordered. Quite apt for Charlie Brown.

    2. Black 'Disorder' marker from Litko on a Yellow counter from a School Supplies online firm.

  4. Lovely looking game, what fun,if you're not failing you're orders!
    Best Iain

  5. The lads were not keen at all it appears, they obviously have the measure of their commanders martial ability.

  6. What a wonderful looking game David!


  7. Good looking game, a very crowded battlefield with so many figures not much chance of a flanking move ! Like the blue building.

    1. The building was scratch built by Phil and me more years ago than I care to admit to.

  8. New unit syndrome, how true that is, especially elites.

  9. Very good looking game even if the traitorous colonials pulled off a victory.

  10. Great report. What rule did you forget? I've been thinking of giving the 2nd edition a go. How do you like the changes?

    1. Minus 1 to Command Rolls for units within 12" of enemy!
      New rules are clearer with good explanations. The reduced influence of the CinC is a good thing.

  11. A lovely looking game David.
    Shockingly bad behaviour from the guards though.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Thanks Aly! The Guards did not excel, thankfully!