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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Onwards, Ever Onwards!

Just a brief entry if you will bear with me here as both Blogger and Photobucket appear to be in a mood, again! Firstly, some of my latest and, for now anyway, last Austrian Infantry for my Wars of the French Revolution project. This is my second Hungarian Infantry regiment of 28 figures, with two extra bases to represent skirmishers in the Black Powder rules. As you will have come to expect, they are nearly all Trent Miniatures, although this time I had to press three Foundry figures into service as I could n't get in touch with Duncan! The Foundry figures are both smaller and slighter, but they are concealed in the second rank in all three instances and slightly elevated from the MDF bases. I used card for this, about 2mm thick. Its disguised partly by the texturing and partly by the grass and tufts I added and it will certainly do for me! If you are interested the three figures are the two standard bearers and an NCO whipping the lads into line! An eye level view of the regiment drawn up in line ~

A view from slightly above which I think shows how well the three little chaps have fitted in, for now anyway. The Brigade command stand to the right rear is a piece I've featured before ~

The Regiment drawn up with its skirmishers thrown forward! The skirmish bases were featured here a short while back you'll find ~

I've also been working on improving the 'look' on my tabletop battlefields of the Conflix buildings we use, for anything from the ECW through to the 1940's! I'm basing each building or group of buildings on 3mm MDF and then texturing and grassing/tufting the small amounts of base you can see. I quite like the look of the first piece, but you can judge for yourselves here ~

I'm working on some cavalry at the moment for the Allied armies. They are the slightly out of period Hompesch Mounted Rifles, which I am passing off as the earlier Hompesch Hussars! They are Trent figures of course and are proving very straightforward to paint, when my hand and eye will cooperate of course! I'll pop them up next month when the unit is complete anyway, so for now, Toodle Pip!                        


  1. Great looking regiment and I like the building as well!


  2. I like them very much. I might do that with my Conflix buildings too when I get the time....

    1. Glad you approve Colin. I've just glued the others to their bases.

  3. Very nicely turned out fodder for the French revolutionary hordes :-)

    I think the base really lifts the building.