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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Great War 1914 at Partizan in the Gloom

Phil and I went to The Other Partizan yesterday, despite the best efforts of the idiots 'responsible' for roadworks in and around Nottingham! Does anyone ever do any work on the A453? Who ever they are, they pretty much ruined my journey and added heaps of time on to the trip, meaning less time to spend browsing the show! Thanks!
Having dropped Sue and Di off in Nottingham for their retail therapy, Phil and I finally arrived at Kelham Hall at about 11.10 am, but at least there was no queue by then! Even though it was a lovely sunny day I was immediately struck by the gloom inside and also by how crowded it was in most rooms. So, on the plus side, obviously a good attendance; while on the down side, very hard to see much of the games without being jostled about. Of course, when the show empties in the afternoon, as they mostly all do now a days, you can get to see the details of your chose games more easily, if you've bought a spotlight of course!
As ever with Partizan there were a number of excellent games on show. Instead of a broad brush approach to my photo report, I've concentrated in the main on just one game, Great War Miniatures' Dave and Ally's 1914 Great War game showcasing their talents as designers and gamers ~
German guns in action ~ limbers are in the pipeline for the future

The new German higher command set (1)

The new German higher command set(2)

Uhlans! Masses of them!

Jaegers advancing in support of the Uhlans

German infantry (43rd?) advancing on the opposite flank

The BEF defend the canal (1)

The BEF defend the canal (2)

The BEF's artillery lends its support to the gallant defence!

Scottish Infantry crosses the canal to defend the BEF's left flank

The BEF limber set ~ I really must get one of these!

The new BEF Field Cart (infantry two horse version)

There was also a very nice Back of Beyond/Russian Civil War game which took my eye. Unfortunately I've lost my programme and can't remember which group its by. The table was a bit cluttered with gaming ephemera when I visited to take my pictures, but a little judicious photo editing has mostly solved that issue I hope. I was especially impressed by the naval element and the harbour area ~
An impression of the whole table

The harbour and naval element

A Warship! What ever game needs! Lovely model!!!

I'll return to consider what I added to the lead, and MDF, pimple in a while, so pop back later for that if you like. As an end piece, for now, I really do feel that Partizan is an unwelcome guest in Kelham Hall under its new management. I know from chatting to Tricks yesterday that they had unexpected problems on the day with altered layout of rooms {did you noticed all the bars they have installed?} and the costs have certainly spiralled alarmingly. Tricks and Lawrence really do like the ambiance they feel the Gothic Revival building brings to the show, but I think myself that a new, brighter venue is needed for the event, a showcase for all that's best in gaming after all.


  1. Great looking game, outstanding terrain!

    1. I thought it THE outstanding game Craig myself.

  2. Yes another show spoilt by "eco friendly" low level lighting that is forced upon us of late, have already scrubbed Salute off next years list due to this years poor lighting. The lack of light left me with a headache yesterday, unless there are some games that really appeal I'm afraid Partizan may be off my list as well next year, I think I may be getting to old.

    1. Old? You? Wash out your mouth! Lighting at Kelham a major issue I feel too. Perhaps we will give it a miss next year given all the peripheral issues?

  3. Like the game very much, but didn't get chance to dwell as I was too busy catching up with . . . er . . . gossip, I suppose.

    About the venue: I too feel the new owners would rather Partizan marched off, but, despite its sortcomings, I do like the venue. The danger in moving locatin is tha loss of atmorphere and the @feel' of the show. Derby and The Triples spring to mind. It's a ticklish operation.

    1. Folk are odd, as I much prefer the new Derby venue to the former! Closer to home, better parking and all in one place. Suits me fine. Kelham Hall as a show venue is very last century I think. Still, we can't agree on everything or life would be dull!

  4. Thanks so much for posting the photos - what a couple of amazing games! The light was so much better in the Big Top Marquee in May, but then again - if it rains...

    Thanks for the great post, David!

    1. My pleasure Sidney! Glad you enjoyed the second hand view of the games.

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