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Friday, 12 September 2014

The Battle of Kilmenne Moor

Jon and I have recently been able to resume semi-regular gaming again after a longish hiatus due to real life issues. Our most recent effort has been another in our series of Wars of the French Revolution hypothetical games set 'somewhere in Western Ireland', the Battle of Kilmenne Moor. General Le Blanc was attacking the demoralised army lead by Wytherin-Fyre, one of Great Britain's less renowned generals shall we say, having defeated him in previous encounters recorded on this Blog in earlier times. The figures from my {slowly} growing collection are mostly by Trent Miniatures, with a number of Front Rank figures for variety. The rules we used were 'Maurice', with a number of minor adjustments for the slightly different period tactics of the French. What follows  comprises a series of photos of the game as it unfolded over twelve turns ~
British Infantry, supported by Light Dragoons and a battery of artillery,
await the French onslaught uneasily

On the British right flank two battalions are drawn up in line as the French
advance in numbers

A herd of frightened cattle foretold the French onslaught on the British line.
The attack faltered as the Royal Artillery bombarded their massed infantry.

The Inneskilling Fusiliers are broken by French Light Infantry supported
by massed columns of Line Infantry full of Revolutionary fervour!

The remaining battalion, the 8th Foot, is overwhelmed and forced to surrender!

Scenting victory, a French column smashes into the flank of the 43rd Foot!
The outcome was never in doubt and Wytherin-Fyre's number was up as
his force's morale was broken!


  1. It appears they did:-)
    Some ace pics there Mr. B

    1. As a change, it was the cards, not the dice,that didn't love me! Glad you like the pics and commented. The only one in 137 views. Can't help thinking blogging is becoming pointless.

  2. Very nice looking game David and Maurice is a super system!

    Since you bring it up I don't know how often you comment on other blogs, but that's the best way to comments on your own. Lots of blogs out there these days, but little time.;-)


    1. Thanks, Christopher. I follow very few Blogs,as you can see from my side bar, as you say so many out there. I generally comment on all that I see on those. I based my comment on having 154 Followers who don't really seem to follow the Blog actively. But, as they say, it takes all sorts...

  3. Nice looking game. Don't give up the blogging, most people just view. It's always frustrating the lack of comments but doesn't mean you're not appreciated :)

    1. Thanks Graham for the comment and the encouragement! Its nice to know what people who visit think about it all.