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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Confronting The Lead Pimple

Not much has been happening on the gaming front here in GHQ of late: Jon has been very preoccupied with work and domestic matters, leaving him less time for our hobby; Phil has been away "Oop North" on a well deserved break after a difficult family time; John has been to the USA on holiday to celebrate his and Sharon's retirement from teaching; and me, well, I've been painting steadily this month, but so far nothing finished to show. I have also though been tackling my figure stockpile, readying things for the winter when I generally seem to paint a little more, I suppose with fewer outdoors attractions to lure me away. Of course, I don't really have the proverbial Lead Mountain of wargamers' lore, as Phil once pointed out its barely a pimple next to his and Jon's for example. So, with no completed stuff to show really, here is a pictorial overview of my very own Lead Pimple. I should perhaps forewarn you that my approach to figures awaiting the brush will not be to everyone's taste. First a general overview in three pictures~
For the Rhanzlistan Field Force ~ see the dedicated Blog for details.

From Dixon Miniatures, who else, for the ACW; Great War Miniatures
infantry; VBCW from Musketeer; and a Pulp durprise from Pulp Miniatures.

Trent Miniatures and a few Front Rank Miniatures which will swell my
forces for the Wars of the French Revolution project.

Now, for any who are interested in the detail rather than the broad brush approach of those pictures. Firstly, for my true and abiding interest ~
The Orphan Brigade

Union Cavalry at rest

Some assorted odds and ends which may, or may not, ever be painted ~
Generals Grant and Meade ponder their next move.

Sitting this one out! I don't even know when or why I bought these now!

For the Wars of the French Revolution project I have rather more in the waiting queue than I thought! But, never daunted I have one French battalion almost finished now! Three more to go now!
For the Allies ~
Front Rank figures for Dragoon Guards or possibly Household Cavalry.

Austrians: a Brigade of infantry with a Battery of 12lg guns and suitable command figures. Mostly from Trent Miniatures.
mounted figures from Front Rank.

Grenadiers and Fusiliers from Trent Miniatures.

A Battery of 12lb guns: crew from Trent Miniatures and guns
from Front Rank.

Infantry Brigade command from Front Rank
and Trent.

Allied Command ~ Mounted figures from Front Rank
foot figures from Trent.

For the French ~
Three Battalions of Infantry from Trent Miniatures.

An extra 12lb Foot Artillery gun and crew and a 4lb gun and
crew for the Horse Artillery. All from Trent Miniatures.

The Infantry Brigade command from Trent Miniatures.

And of course a Bonaparte! All from Trent Miniatures.

A fourth British Infantry Battalion of 1914 from Great War Miniatures.

Brigands and Militia from Musketeer Miniatures for 1940/VBCW games.

The Palanquin of Dr Byk Li and his daughter Lotus Blossom!
Figures from Pulp Miniatures of course.

Now I have no doubt that some may find my approach to managing the painting queue daunting. I have been approaching The Lead Pimple this way now for several years and have found it motivating and encouraging to have them all prepared and bluetaked to their bases, or even glued down and the bases textured in the case of single figures.Whenever I get bored with something, well, there is another project, unit or group ready for the brush and on we go with no delay and a chance for the muse to go AWOL! And we all know what a slippery little blighter that can prove to be...


  1. Hummm, I'd say it's more than a pimple - perhaps not a towering mountain, but definitely a reasonable hill. Nicely prepped up together though.

    1. Not even a slight bulge in an otherwise flat plain compared to some I've heard of or seen!

  2. Definateley not a pimple more of a boil now :-)

    1. A slight swelling, I'll admit to that...Collecting a few more from Trent at Derby Worlds too of course: some French Hussars and Austrian Dragoons.

  3. Replies
    1. I think that's right, Jon! At least next to your piles of figures!!!!

  4. Can I ask which company make the chap being carried in the seat?

  5. Pulp Miniatures by Bob Murch, available from North Star.