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Monday, 8 September 2014

Partizan in the Gloom ~ Part the Second

As promised earlier today the additions to the Lead, and MDF, Pimple. From Trent Miniatures three Austrian Infantry Battalions of 1793-1795, for my Wars of the French Revolution project, two Fusilier and one Grenadier battalions, together with some artillery crew and officers ~

Some of the extra officers allowed me to add to my three command bases for the Austrian part of the project. The main Allied Army Command features two mounted Front Rank Austrian commanders originally, to which I've now added two Trent Miniatures Austrian Officers ~

Similarly, I've added more figures to my Infantry Brigade Command base. I hope it will look the part when its painted ~

Finally, to command the Austrian and Allied Cavalry, a Front Rank Austrian cavalry general ~

I've ordered some more figures from Duncan at Trent Miniatures, to be collected at Derby Worlds show on the Sunday: some Austrian Dragoons, one of whom will figure alongside the last figure on the Command base, and some Hussars who will be joining the French ranks in due course.
I also bought a heap of MDF bases from Warbases, as I'd run really low after rebasing several armies this year! I also bought one of their Hansom cab kits! Phil popped over today and foolishly offered to make it up for me ~

There are no instructions, but we downloaded a picture from the Warbases site and Phil set to on the construction. An hour and a half, and much tutting, later ~

I can say that it goes together quite well, once you can identify which part goes where, often by trial and error we found. It needs to be done at one sitting, using PVA to keep it flexible, which of course poses some problems for handling the whole. It looks good though I thought. I have a Dixon Miniatures stagecoach horse and a driver to add later on when it advances to being sprayed for painting. If you are feeling that I took advantage of Phil, don't worry too much. After lunch he thrashed me in an ACW battle! More of that in due course...


  1. Yes it was a tad reminiscent of The Kryton Factor at times, and still don't know how I managed to win the game, more acident than design I feel.

  2. How nice of him. You must have sniggered all the way to the pub! :-)

    1. I'm not sure I understand your comment Mark G. Could you expand on this please?