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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Nefarious Dr Byk Li

A recent addition to the cast of New Paddock City sees the arrival of the nefarious  Dr Byk Li{李医生}, seen here carried on his Jade Throne by his loyal henchmen, Yin and Yang {燕和杨}, accompanied by his eldest daughter, the beautiful but sinister Blue Orchid{ 蓝兰}. The figures are from the latest Pulp Miniatures' release, 'The Palanquin of Dr Koo'.~
The Jade Throne bears the symbol of the Dragon Tong, much to be feared by those who fall into their hands ~
Of course, all villains really need a cover story, and Dr Byk Li's is already in place in the town in the form of Byk Li's Chop House, a cheap eating  place for low life passing through the town and up to no good ~
For those who missed it the first time around its a Battleflag MDF kit which I customised for the chop house. The figures are from Pulp Miniatures once again. The interior is furnished with resin pieces from Frontline and the paper on the walls is a web down load of Dolls' House patterns I found, suitably scaled down ~
Of course, the table hides a trapdoor in the floor leading to an underground lair where evil plots are hatched and villainy planned!