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Saturday, 30 August 2014

This month I have mostly been painting...

Late Romans from Wargames Foundry for our Ancients games ~
Horse Archers

Two bases of Leaders

Standard Bearers and Clerics for our 1940 /VBCW games. The figures are from Musketeer Miniatures, via Gripping Beast, and the standards were made for me by Leicester Gamer on the VBCW Forum Board ~
Two more for Blandings!

The Gallant Socialists ~
Boulton Paul Workers' Co-operative and the
Three Tuns Invincibles

The Forces of Repression and Privilege ~
The Express & Star Rifles and
Swindley's Own

Some Anglican League command

Some  Wars of the French Revolution figures from Trent Miniatures. Although the rules we are currently using don't call for Skirmishers to be shown by figures or markers I have enough spare figures left over to paint some up for the 'look' of the game. In the same way I have a figure to represent the 'political meddling' with the French army in the field {he's an Irish Leader figure with a head swap and a suitable paint job.}~

Some skirmish markers

'Representant du Peuple en Mission'

I shall be returning for the rest of the year to my ongoing Wars of the French Revolution project. I've started a fifth unit of British Infantry already today. When I complete them the British contingent will be done until I can source some cavalry figures. At Partizan I have to collect a preorder from Duncan at Trent Miniatures for the start of my Austrian contingent: three thirty man fusiliers battalions and one twenty four man Grenadier battalion, some gunners and officers. I'll source the guns later from Front Rank I hope. I also have a third French Infantry brigade all ready for painting, so I guess that will keep me occupied for a few weeks at least! I'll keep you posted anyway. Now, off shopping ~ oh joy!


  1. That's quite a bit of painting.... If I had to pick a favourite I think I'd go for the Foundry Horse Archers, probably out of nostalgia more than anything else.

    Seems weird saying nostalgia about a relatively recent ongoing wargames company but there you go!


    1. Thanks Darrell. I think its been a poorish month for quantity, only 66 figures in all, but I'm pleased by the quality {well, for me anyway...}

  2. Nice work. I particularly like the VBCW standard bearers.

    1. Thanks Mark, glad to hear some feedback on the VBCW figures.

  3. Jolly splendid and varied stuff you have done there Mr. B, really like the political chappie, the horse archers have come out just dandy too.

    1. Thanks Phil! I'm quite taken with him too. The Horse Archers worked well after your layout suggestion too, so thanks for the idea.

  4. Love the VBCW standard bearers especially with the local flavour. Just wondering which Three Tuns it is though - I know there's one in Bishops Castle Shropshire, although I wouldn't have thought it's regulars could shoot straight after a few jars of the landlords finest....

    1. Thank you, Andrew, and welcome to the Blog! The standard bearers are mainly for a proposed 2015 venture to allow the 1940/Blandings games to expand geographically to take in the area of Wolverhampton and South Staffs where I live. The Three Tuns was the pub a Oxley when we moved here 34 years ago. The four factions represent local points or people from the period of the 1930's. As a point of interest our house stands on the old inter war Wolverhampton airfield: in fact in 1980 the control tower, hangers and other buildings were just ouside our back door!

    2. Well if there is any space for an artillery unit I used to be a Captain in 210 Battery which is the TA unit based in Wolverhampton. I do believe that they were around in the late 30's. Certainly we used to have an old gent come to mess dinners (this was 20 years ago) who had been in the predecessor to the battery and who was evacuated at Dunkirk!!