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Wednesday 31 January 2024

A Fate Worse than Death?

A small F&IW game was our choice for this week's meeting here in GHQ. Phil, as 'Hawkeye Robinson' would command the local citizens, Militia and Provincial infantry and attempt to rescue the women of New Pender from the evil clutches of the Paddoquoi under the control of their cunning war leader Tá Wit.  He might expect the regulars under Lord Rawnsley to make an appearance at some stage. He also fears that a large French raiding party is heading his way bent on revenge! Nothing is ever really straightforward is it? Now read on for the full unfolding horror...

The captive women face an uncertain future at the hands of their Paddoquoi captors.
Tá Wit determines the fate of the captive women of New Pender and plots the defeat of 'Hawkeye' Robinson's rescue attempt.
The Paddoquoi warriors form up into their warbands and head off to take more scalps.
'Hawkeye' Robinson receives the blessing of Pastor Jeremiah Bykleigh as he sets out to rescue the women from a fate worse than death.
The mustered forces of New Pender: the citizens, Militia and Provincial Infantry are bolstered by their allied 'Praying Indians'.
'Hawkeye' wastes no time in urging the Provincial Infantry forward to secure the bridge over the minor river.
Despite Tá Wit's urging, the Paddoquoi warriors are reluctant to leave their camp.
One war party manages to shake off it's lethargy and reaches the bridge, delivering an ineffective volley on the approaching Provincial Infantry.
Wasting no time the Provincial Infantry charge across the bridge. A ragged volley from the Paddoquoi warriors Shakes them but still they close with the surprised war party.
Meanwhile Lord Rawnsley has finally reached the outskirts of New Pender with the first of his Regular Infantry.
Just in time too as the warriors have driven back the Shaken Provincial Infantry in Disorder. The fate of those fair female captives is in the balance.
While the contest for the bridge was raging, the town's Militia had moved up on the flank and entered an indecisive fire fight with the second Paddoquoi war party.
The 'Praying Indians' were moving very slowly forward to flank the warriors and possibly seek out the rumoured French presence.
The Militia and Paddoquoi warriors contine their desultory firefight, though casualties are edging up for both groups.
The first of the 'Praying Indians' reach the banks of the river, just in time to discover a party of French Woodsmen. They do not yet see the Coureurs de Bois following on behind the low rise.
Both sides are surprised by the unanticipated encounter and a firefight begins between the two. The Woodsmen have the worst of the early exchanges becoming Shaken but soon the first of their opponents are driven back Shaken by the effects of Disorder under the fire of the Coureurs du Bois.
The British Regulars march steadily forward now, to the relief of the worried Provincial Infantry! Although  Tá Wit's forces are looking very worried the captive women are being hurried towards his main force (off table).
The British Regulars fix bayonets and charge the weakened Paddoquoi war party. There can only be one outcome and the warriors are driven back Shaken. But there is no sign of the captive women in the abandoned camp and time is running out.
The Paddoquoi warriors and their French allies have fought tenaciously but have suffered greatly in the process. It is Turn 11 though and the captive women are almost off the table.

Almost! With a cry of "Follow Me!" old 'Hawkeye' Robinson leads the 'Praying Indians' in a wild charge defeating the already weakened Paddoquoi warriors and saving the captive women from a 'fate worse than death' at the very end of Turn 12! What a contest with the result in balance right up to the final Turn. A great testimony to the versatility of Black Powder as well as providing a challenging but fun contest. Where were the rest of the French raiding party you ask? Well, I did say it was a rumour...

The figures are from my collection, mostly Redoubt Enterprises, with some from Galloping Major. The buildings are a mixture of scratch built and modified MDF kits. The trees, fences and stream are from The Last Valley of course.


  1. Lovely stuff David and an exciting outcome. Reminds me I have a project to expand my FiW collection in the future sometime 👍

    1. Thanks Matt! I look forward to seeing where your F&IW expansion takes you.

  2. A finely crafted narrative of a grand game. It did indeed dismiss the myth of Black Powder being only suitable for massive tables and armies. I really thought the ladies lost given my early tardiness in advancing I was lucky that the dice gods were with me as the sun set in the encounter and my plan to deal with any Frenchies arriving as and when paying off luckily 🙂

    1. Glad you approved of my scenario twists and turns.

  3. Fantastic AAR and wonderful story telling, thanks for the 18th century eye candy treat.


  4. Nice looking game and a story well told.

  5. Great narrative, good looking table and troops, thanks for sharing this close run event.

  6. Great looking table and report. A very exciting and entertaining game.

  7. Rip roaring high adventure indeed David…
    A ‘page turner’ right to the very end.

    All the best. Aly

    1. It seems to have pleased others as it did us playing it through. Can't expect more really than that!

  8. That went down to the wire. Heady stuff well related. Thanks

  9. Exciting narrative and lovely looking game as well David!


  10. Rip roaring stuff there David and great to see the result going down to the wire! Lovely figures and terrain as always:).

    1. As usual, your effusive endorsements are valued SteveJ, many thanks.

  11. An excellent swashbockling adventure there played out wondefully! And of course, the correct outcome in the end! A great climax there wading in with the "follow me" to save the day.... and the women! Wonderful looking table and terrain. Well done both!