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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Carronade Wargames Show, Falkirk 9 May 2015

I have been up to Scotland for a few days with Sue, Phil and Di, staying in South Queensferry and taking in the sights of the area, including spending the day at the Falkirk club's annual wargames show, Carronade. I've been a number of times before, but this was Phil's first visit. I took a few pictures of games which caught my fancy, you will quickly realise that there were many other fine games on show, they just were n't my cup of tea or I could n't get a decent shot of them. First up, the Iron Brigade's Sudan War game ~

Next, two shots of the 1st Battle of St Albans, a Wars of the Roses game. I took the pictures mainly because I liked the mix of buildings from several sources: somehow they looked more convincing to my eye.

Next,a Vietnam War game in 28mm. I saw it at Derby Worlds last year, but it still impressed me again when I saw it at this event.

Next, an Indian Mutiny game, featuring splendid walls and figures, but I have to say I did n't like the hex terrain at all.

Next, a selection of games from mixed genres and periods, firstly the ACW ~

WWII in the Western Desert, Action at Wadi El Khazi ~

A Samurai game with the rather nice 4Ground buildings I believe ~

A detail from a WWI participation game  ~

A participation game set in Jurassic Park ~

The Loot of course:
MDF bases and movement trays from Warbases; brushes from Coritani; Hussars from Colonel Bill's; British infantry of the FRW from Reiver; a Norman lord and his standard bearer from Colonel Bill's again; Bishops. priests and monks from Perry Miniatures via Dave Thomas; three hard foam features from the Flea Market, cost me £7.00 in all; and finally, a Bomb Disposal van for my WWII/Blandings/VBCW scenarios, £2.00 from the Flea Market ~

An Egyptian Temple ruin ~

The Bomb Disposal unit ~

All in all a good haul I think. I'm particularly fond of their Table Top Sale/Flea Market, as I've had several finds there over the years. The rocky hill will be cut in half and used to anchor the rope bridge as it spans the gorge {Did I mention I got a great rope bridge, and jungle temple ruin, at Pets at Home last week?}. The ruined temple and the extension piece will be repainted brown and sand for our occasional Pulp games I hope. If you've never been to Carronade and have the chance to go I highly recommend it. Great show, great bargains and great folk! Can't ask for more really.


  1. I went to the show and it was most enjoyable.Some excellent games indeed.I was very taken by the WW!1 East African game.

    1. Yes, I liked that too but couldn't get a decent photo.

  2. A most enjoyable weekend, and a fantastic show. Great pics you have taken, will endeavour to blog my efforts later when I have caught up on work stuff.

  3. Grand weekend I agree! Look forward to seeing your slant on the show later.

  4. Some excellent gaming there. :)

  5. Why is it that Scottish shows always have such good looking games.

    Not associated with that comment, I painted those WoR figures for Steve's St. Albans game and it's nice to see them out and about. Believe it or not, that's only about a tenth of them. He brought his entire WotR collection to A league of gentlemen wargamers bash on Mother's Day - the figures alone completely filled his car!

    1. It's a mystery! Perhaps it's all those long, dark winter nights to while away?