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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wars of the French Revolution Austrians

An update on my small Austrian force seems in order, largely because I have completed two new units, but also because Phil and I are playing our first game in the new GHQ later today. Firstly a look at a new infantry Battalion. As with the previous Battalion, the figures are all by Trent Miniatures with the exception of the standard bearer who is from the Foundry Early Austrian Command pack, converted for me by Phil of course ~ ~

A regiment of Austrian Dragoons make my first cavalry unit for the force. The troopers are from Trent Miniatures, but the officer is a later period Front Rank figure ~

The whole force assembled for an idea of how the Austrian part of the project is coming along ~

I'm working on two figures for a command base for my cavalry Brigade at present, a Front Rank officer and a Foundry cuirassier, the later from a character pack so he has a bandaged head wound. Then I have a Regiment of Eureka Austrian Cuirassier prepared for painting, followed, I hope, by a unit of French Chasseur a Cheval wearing the helmet from Foundry. I'm going up to South Queensferry on Thursday for a few days and will be attending the Carronade show in Falkirk on Saturday, so say Hello if you see me. I'll be collecting a Regiment of Austrian Hussars from Colonel Bill's and more cavalry movement trays from Warbases  for the project. Now, off to lay out the armies for today's game, the Battle of Peenedeforde.


  1. Looking mighty fine and better in the flesh. Sorry about routing them both :-)

    1. Thanks, at least for the first part of the comment! See you Thursday!

  2. Very nice work! Austrians seem to be very popular lately.


  3. Your Kaiserlichs look smashing! Very impressive.