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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Some Pulp Scenery Additions

A couple of weeks ago I was at one of the local retail parks, buying some 'Really Useful Boxes' for figure storage here in GHQ2, and on a spur of the moment type of decision I went into a Pet Superstore {Pets At Home} in order to browse the Aquarium section for possible scenic additions. Result! Not only did they have suitable items, but they had a 'Buy Three, Get One Free' offer on! Here are the two pieces I kept for myself ~
Ruined Jungle Temple

Rope Bridge

Close up to show the finish

I've also been making another Pulp Scenic accessory, mainly to enable our odd games to make wider use of figures from our collections. So, a Star Gate, Time Portal thingy ~
The Mummy Returns?

Professor Peabody takes a shot!

Not the greatest piece you'll see this year, but it cost 'nothing', as the plastic ring was in a package I salvaged. It will serve as a Portal into space and time, an objective in games, a museum exhibit, the focus of an archaeological dig, or even a Hell Gate. So it will do for me! 28mm figures for scale on all the photos by the way! Now, the bridge will need to be on a scenic piece so it spans a 'gorge' over our river ~ queue the hard foam scenic hill I got at Carronade earlier in the month! Two small pieces of MDF. some filler, paint, rocks and grass and we are off! The Jungle ruined temple I'll just base up and texture, with a little spare vegetation perhaps and a few clumps of grass/flowers, we'll have to see! Hope you approve!
Finally, for those who follow our doings regularly, Jon and I refought the ACW game today. We used Black Powder rules and fought it out for ten turns, resulting in a draw! So I've played three games in GHQ2 and all have been draws. Clearly we have to adjust to the wider table, but time will tell!


  1. Awesome finds! :)

    I like the Stargate, the finish on it reminds me of something Lovecraftian, a relic of the Old Ones...

    I need to hit the Pet Supermarket, it looks like. :) The rope bridge is really cool. :)

  2. Nice finds, indeed! I really like that rope bridge.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gordon. It's simple but effective I feel.

  4. good find. my local pet stores have the occasional Buddha head and a few other useful pieces but never a "buy 3 get 1 free"; i've never seen them have a rope bridge either so i built my own.
    where did you get that mat/rug/carpet though - that looks like what i'm considering doing for my jungle set ups.

    1. Thanks, Pete. Hope you read my terrain reply over on the LAF Forum.

  5. The aquarium bits certainly look the part don't they. Neat bit of recycling, a fine idea.

  6. Agreed on all the above comments! Good stuff David!

  7. Nice! Will have to start popping into pet shops again to look out for a rope bridge.