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Monday, 13 April 2015

Battle For The Byklabad Ridge

Phil and I finally managed to integrate our schedules and get together in GHQ for a game! Only seven weeks since the last time! Phil asked for an Indian Mutiny game and what follows is a photo report of the action fought out over 12 turns using my own The Devil's Wind rules. The figures are all from my collection and are mostly from the Foundry ranges. The buildings are from Mutineer Miniatures and the vegetation from either The Last Valley or, in the case of the plastic palm trees, from Tiger Miniatures. Now, on with the action.
The gallant defenders of the Ridge outside Byklabad stand too in the early morning light ~

The British Resident and his entourage prepare to quit the Residency at Byklabad ~

The Gurkhas, supported by a heavy gun and the Highlanders, prepare to defend the Ridge ~

The infantry of the H.E.I.C., supported by British Regulars and a heavy gun defend the eastern end of the Ridge ~

The mutinous hordes prepare for the assault ~

Mutineer guns batter the Ridge's defenders ~

The 'Great Gun of Byklabad' prepare to batter the Residency ~

The defenders eye view as the assault on the Ridge gathers pace ~

On the Mutineers' left flank cavalry rushes forward to screen the assault ~

"Steady Boys!"

On the Mutineers' right flank the Raja of Rhanli exhorts his men to the attack ~

On the Mutineers' left flank, screened by the cavalry, hordes of Badmash and Irregular Hill Tribesmen rush the defences ~


Under heavy fire one unit of Badmash falters but the other presses on!

The defenders are overwhelmed!

Time for a quick exit perhaps?

Weight of numbers begin to take their toll of the defenders ~

The Mutineers pour through the gap in the centre of the defences ~

Safe in the knowledge that the Mutineers have broken the resolve of the defenders, the Raja of Rhanli decides to advance!

I conceded defeat in turn 11, my centre was broken and I had few reserves to hold a line!  The Resident and his party made a swift exit, leaving General H.W. Hardly-Worthitt to salvage what he could from the defeat!

We both enjoyed the day's game, though my pleasure was tempered by awful dice luck through out the game, with my artillery proving particularly ineffective and my infantry fire being more than wayward! But, that's wargaming for you, up one game and down the next! To the next time!


  1. Indeed a grand day, was it coz I won? No not really, it was the great company, great food, spiffingly painted figures, terrain and jolly decent rules.

  2. Looks like it were fun. I was up on Delhi ridge over easter week end. It is a public park now. Found Flagstaff tower easily enough and then manged to find Ludlow Castle amongst the new developments and Delhi Metro works at the other end. There are many small out croppings of stone along the ridge and the "park" has a fine jungle of thorn scrub amongst the plantings. I can't help but feel that there must have been a low level thorn entanglement across the front of the ridge which will have slowed attacks somewhat. It grows ver quickly on un tended ground. The ridge in your pictures though is spot on - it is low and an adverse slope rather than a hill - but in the heat even that takes it out of one. Best , Graham, Delhi.

    1. Interesting comment, Graham. Didn't really think about vegetation on the slope I must say. One day I may see for myself...

  3. A sad day for British arms, but a splendid game and figures!

    1. Thanks AJ! Not so much British arms though as British dice!!!!

  4. Wonderful! And the terrain and figs are inspirational as always!

  5. Impressive and inspiring game & figs!

  6. Highly impressive game, great bat rep and lovely pictures! what's not to like!!

    In the Devil's Wind (which I do own a copy of but is stored in my ex's garage- long story!) hoe many mini's do you have for a unit?


    1. A base equals four figures for infantry and cavalry, how many you put on it is up to you! Most infantry units I have are 5 bases strong, cavalry usually two or three bases.

    2. Thanks David- much appreciated.

      Would the rules work just as well with six bases? I'm just thinking of Mike Snook's up and coming range with Iron Duke mini's where he has separate companies for the flanks armed with rifles and not muskets.

    3. Yup, the units will just last a while longer, specially if you roll the dice like Dave and myself. :-)

  7. Terrific to see a Mutiny game, and this one is brilliant. The terrain is first rate and a wonderful collection of figures. I love the tommies lounging on the elephant lorry!