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Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Moving Experience!

Well, after some very strenuous efforts on the part of my friends and family, all ably supervised and coordinated by yours truly, the contents of the former GHQ have been moved down to the new GHQ! All that remains, all he says, is to re-sort all the drawers and cupboards so we know where everything is!!!!!
Some views of the new games room. The southern aspect ~

The northern aspect

The GHQ Irregulars, Phil, Jon, yours truly, Martin, my brother in law (A Railway Preservation man!), and John pose unselfconsciously for a triumphal picture after all their hard work. Note the Supervisor is the only one sitting down!!!!

The playing surface is now going to be 6' x 6'6", a 50% increase in gaming area from the original GHQ which we've had the pleasure of using over the last 10 years. Next month that will be fitted out as our master bedroom with an attached sitting room, giving Sue and I some much needed luxury. Our inaugural game in The New GHQ will be an ACW bash on 21 May, the first date that the four of us are free. In the meantime I'm off to do some sorting out!


  1. A fine looking room in which to game, thank you for the many splendid games in GHQ and look forward to many more in GHQII.

    1. Thanks for that Phil! I'm looking forward to our games too!

  2. Brilliant looking GHQ MkII

    All the best


  3. Hi David
    Is that a garage conversion for your war games room

    1. Hi Gary! Yes, it's a garage but cleverly converted so it still could be used as a garage in the future, when I'm long gone perhaps!