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Thursday, 30 April 2015

I Shall Need More Terrain Tiles...

One knock on effect of having a larger gaming area in the new GHQ is that I thought I would need more terrain tiles and scenery. I made an experimental table layout of the terrain tiles we have from the former GHQ to see where we needed extra tiles for more flexible games layouts. These are currently the only tiles which fit together without looking too odd ~ baring the urban, harbour and beach tiles which fit in with the main layout. Obviously there are many combinations they can be used in, but I don't want a river on every table I lay out obviously.
It seems that I will need three or four new plain tiles at least and probably an extra beach and an estuary tile too. We have plenty of green towelling in stock, so it's just off to B&Q or the like, for 6mm MDF, some PVA glue and cans of car spray and we, or more accurately Phil, are on the way!
Of course, it won't stop there, far from it. While I probably have enough walls and hedges, I will need more trees, so it's off to the Last Valley at Carronade for a start. For AWI & ACW games I'll definitely need more fencing. Now, Phil and I made that fencing back in the day, so do we make more to match or do we buy it in from sources of ready made items? As ever it's a time v money issue; right now I'd rather paint figures while my eye holds up, so time given over to making stuff is at a premium.
I shall have a better idea after next Tuesday when Phil and I will try a game on the new table for the first time. I'll post some pictures and folk can offer their thoughts, the more ideas received, the better the outcome is likely to be I think in this case. Pop back next week to see how the table looks in a game and offer any thoughts on scenery.


  1. Looks good DB, you mean Carronade of course, Andy does nice fencing too of course :-)


    1. Thanks for the pointer, Phil, I've corrected my mistook!