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Friday 17 April 2015

The Volcano God must be appeased!

If, like me, you follow the doings of 'Eric the Shed' on his excellent Blog you will have seen that recently he added a volcano feature to his terrain tiles. I must admit I liked the idea, but lack the skills and patience to do a similar thing and anyway I would rather spend my time on figure painting. Earlier this week we popped into one of the local garden centres and there, in the Aquarium Centre, was a really nice hollow cast and pre-coloured volcano! Cost me nothing as Sue kindly treated me to it! Result! Here it is as a work in progress. I glued an MDF circular base inside the hollow cone and textured it with my standard basing grits and when it was dry painted and dry brushed the resulting lava lake with a selection of reds. Judge for yourself ~

Phil has 'volunteered' to cut out an MDF base for it which I can then texture and add some vegetation and I think it will do for our very occasional Pulp/Lost World games. The figures are from Pulp Miniatures and Copplestone Castings to give an idea of the scale of the piece ~

I'm rather chuffed with this as a find I must confess. Next up I'd like a decent scaled rope bridge over a gorge so I'll be off to local Garden Centres over the weekend I think!


  1. That's a really neat piece of kit...and thanks for the plug for my blog...

    Your post reminds me that I have not put the final pictures up - I'll rectify this asap

    all the best

    Eric the Shed

    1. Glad you popped by Mr Shed. Saved a lot of blood, sweat and tears on my part!

  2. Just noticed you needed a rope bridge -

    see here...http://shedwars.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/rope-bridge-perfect-for-pulp-games.html

    for where I got mine

    1. I'll have a look at that then, thanks.

  3. Nothing to get in a lava about.

    Hastily reaches for coat :-)

  4. Replies
    1. I agree, saved no end of bother. There was also a smaller version too, but I thought two volcanoes was over the top rreally.