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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A tale of the Raja's Treasure.

The first game for two weeks for me and here in GHQ too! I missed last Monday at Phil’s due to sudden illness, so I was really looking forward to renewing our gaming this week. I decided on an Indian Mutiny game, using Black Powder as we generally do now of course. The terrain from our recent Rhanzlistan game was still in place, so I merely removed the mountain board and rearranged some of the terrain to create a scene suitable for the scenario I had in mind. Phil would Command the British and HEIC forces and I the Mutineers. The Mutineers are marching to the aid of the Raja of Rhanzli whose small force guarding his treasure is caught holed up in a village by a swift night march executed by the British. The aim for Lord Rawnsley is to destroy the Raja’s Force, though of course if he seizes the treasure while doing so, well, it will chuff the memsahib no end. Think of the hats she can buy...
The Raja's Treasure and his elephant mounted Bodyguards.

The Mutineers arrive from Turn 2 on a successful percentage dice throw, starting at 90% plus, diminishing by 15% each subsequent Turn. They arrive, if successful, on the right flank of the Raja’s position on a random dice throw for point of entry. At the start of the game the Raja has thrown a ragtag force of Hill Tribes, supported by a battery of guns, on his right flank. The village is held by his household troops of musket armed infantry and Lancers, supported by three groups of Badmash,who have one eye on his treasure too! He also has a battery of guns covering the bridge across the Bykla and finally his elephant mounted elite Bodyguards.
Lord Rawnsley and his ADCs, and dog!
Lord Rawnsley’s force consists of two brigades of Infantry, two Brigades of Infantry, a mix of Regulars, HEIC European regiments, Ghurkas and loyal troops from the Bombay Presidency. His cavalry arm consists of Hussars, Lancers, Dragoons and 2nd Punjabi horse, the Loyal Tandooris. They are supported by a battery of Horse Artillery. In addition he has an artillery train, including elephant drawn heavy guns guarded by a battalion of Regular infantry. His problem is to attack the village and defeat the Raja, while guarding against the Mutineers he knows to be on his left flank...
As usual, an annotated photomontage to give a flavour of the game as it played out ~
Lord Rawnsley's force advances with alacrity!

The Raja oversees the disposition of his forces.

An overview of the battlefield.

A Hill tribesman takes careful aim, or not...

On the Raja's right flank the tribesmen hold the high ground.

Lord Rawnsley deploys artillery and his Dragoons in support
of the infantry brigade covering his attack over the Bykla.

An other view of the unfolding action on Lord Rawnsley's
right flank.

The local Badmash have one eye on the Raja's treasure...

Despite temptation they surge forward bravely to attack the
loyal Bombay infantry forcing a crossing by the bridge.

Lord Rawnsley's heavy artillery fires into the village!

The fight rages around the bridge as more Bombay infantry
rush forward to support their colleagues! On the banks of the
Bykla the HEIC Regulars are halted by fire from the Raja's
infantry holding the village.

Mounted Hill Tribesmen clash with the Loyal Tandoori Horse!

While fighting rages around the bridge the Raja's lancers attack 
the Shaken HEIC infantry.

The Badmash are finally beaten and Rout! The Raja's Guard
surge forward to attack the victorious Bombay infantry.

Having lost the melee with the HEIC infantry and retired the
Raja's Lancers are attacked by the British Lancers in their turn.

The first battalion of Loyal Bombay infantry occupy the fort's
ruins and are attacked by the remaining Badmash.

The second battalion, supported by their artillery on the far
bank of the Bykla, had routed the Raja's Bodyguard!

Suddenly its all up for the Raja's forces...
Well, you are obviously wondering by now what became of the Mutineers. I was too! From Turn 2 to Turn 7 they failed every roll to arrive! Now that is extraordinarily poor dice throwing in anyone's book you'd have to agree!
The RHA battery, no hits scored in the whole game!

So, in Turn 7 the game ended with the Raja's army having two out of three commands Broken. Lord Rawnsley's victorious army entered the village so recently vacated in haste by the enemy and were able to loot the treasure! My run of appalling performances in 2019 continues...


  1. Lovely set up David and a great scenario.

    1. Thanks Robbie, it was fun despite the non appearance of my Mutineers.

  2. Great looking game and love the background fluff and scenario. As for the arrival of the Mutineers, the less said the better...

  3. A splendid and challenging game indeed, most enjoyable. As for the none appearance of the mutineers, I think they knew they were already beaten ;~)

    1. Well, given my 2019 form so far they must have had an inkling.

  4. A stunning set up and beautiful game.

  5. Replies
    1. Those are very kind sentiments, and are much appreciated .

  6. Great looking game, the terrain is lovely, I wouldn't worry about the run of bad luck, it's still only January, plenty of time for it to change, or not.:(

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Vagabond, I wouldn't count on any improvement myself though...

  7. Lovely looking game! Is it more that Phil's luck has finally changed?
    Best Iain

  8. Terrain and scenario very inspirational. Hugely enjoyed the reading of the aar

  9. A lovely looking game David...
    Robinson on the rise...it can’t last ... the world will be turned on its head... birds will fly backwards... fish will swim in the air... etc...etc

    All the best. Aly

    1. A little OTT there Aly, but I see where your coming from.

    2. Over the top???
      When/If I start winning again this is the very least I expect to happen... ;-)

    3. A big IF/WHEN though Aly on current form...😉

  10. More beautiful looking eye candy 👍

  11. Another beautiful game, sounds like great fun as well!

    What are the colors you used on bldgs? It's an excellent representation of region.


    1. Thanks JB! The colours are cheap craft paints in the range of Rose Red, Terracotta and Clay with a final light dry brush of a cream or Ivory shade. I got the idea from the colours on the old Mutineer Miniatures site.