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Friday, 23 March 2018

Roberto the Builder has been busy.

I mentioned in an earlier Blog post that my order from Warbases which I had hoped to collect at Hammerhead arrived eventually. I bought a number of their modular buildings, a small Roman tower,  a gateway, a portico, a balcony set, a set of high walls and pillars and various extra doors and windows/shutters. I have made up two buildings using these, a walled farm with a defensive tower and a rather grander house with a balconied tower and portico front to the main living area. I’ve coated the walls with rough textured filler and topped the roofs and walls with pantile sheets from Wills. I will order 3mm MDF bases from Warbases now I know the configuration of the buildings and their overall dimensions. This is what they look like at present, I hope to do bits as and when after the hip replacement ~

I have also got two Charlie Foxtrot MDF and resin buildings yet to be assembled and textured, the hermitage/small chapel and the store/small hovel. Together with my Warbases buildings these will be enough to populate my gaming table here in GHQ when we play Italian Wars games later in the year.


  1. Nice buildings, my next big thing is Italian wars /peninsula buildings and so these are especially interesting!
    Best Iain

  2. Very nice, we really are spoiled for buildings these days.

    1. Thanks George! You are certainly right about choice in buildings.