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Sunday, 18 March 2018

I have been to...

...WMMS 2018. I see it was the 42nd show today. As Phil and I were the main organisers from the second in 1977 until the mid 1980’s when my job took me away from the club it holds a special place for me. In its present incarnation at Aldersley Leisure Village it is only 1.6 miles from my front door, so it really is my local show. I was doubly pleased to go today with Phil: firstly, because I was expecting to be an invalid from my (now rescheduled) hip replacement; and secondly, because the weather gods dumped 4” of snow on us overnight! Are they related to the dice gods I wonder?

As traders had made a splendid effort to get there I felt obliged to make an effort to spend my money with a number of them. Charlie Foxtrot, coming all the way from Cornwall, deserves a special mention. I bought two buildings for my Italian Wars project, a small Hermitage and the smaller Store, which will do for a peasant hovel I think. Added to my Warbases buildings which arrived and were assembled yesterday I will have all I need for games in GHQ, at least for now...

From Colonel Bill’s I was able to pick up a pack of Steel Fist Foot Knights to add to some bases I hope to start work on next week

From the chaps who took over from Andy Dumelow ~ apologise for forgetting the newer name ~ I got a bargain blister of Front Rank halberdiers, again for the Italian Wars project for £8.00 ~

And for my VBCW project another pack of flag bearers from Footsore Miniatures, who had travelled from Manchester, via Nottingham, to WMMS~

Hats off to the Centre staff and organisers, especially David and Paul; the traders and club members; and finally all the wargamers who collectively braved the elements to bring the show to life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there: I bought some toys, saw some grand games and chatted with some good friends: what’s not to like? Roll on WMMS 2019!


  1. I like the idea of mixing a resin tiled roof with an MDF body.

    1. MDF does not do the 3D of pantiles well so having resin cast roofs is a sensible move.