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Monday, 2 April 2012

17th Lancers in the Anglo-Zulu War

I've completed the first base of Empress Miniatures' 17th Lancers for my Anglo-Zulu War collection.
Its taken me a week to paint these three, which is very slow by my usual pace I have to say. The Ebob horses, as ever, are wonderfully rendered, but their very active charging poses, when combined with the action poses of the Lancers themselves meant a real challenge for my old eyes and unsteady hands, so be kind when you judge them/me...

These are the most challenging figures I've tackled for a very long time and at times very frustrating as my 'skills' did not match what I wanted to achieve. I don't think I've ever overpainted so many colours during the painting process to correct me mistakes. I have to say I'm satisfied with the overall effect, but would really like to have done better. {I've actually finished a fourth lancer and both of the remaining horses for the second base!}


  1. Great looking figures, very evocative.


  2. Nothing to be ashamed of there, David. The lancers, the horses, the bases, all first rate. The shading on the horse in the middle picture is especially nice. I didn't realize that cavalry played a big role in the Zulu Wars. Looking forward to seeing these guys in a battle report.

  3. Thanks David for showing your latest painted miniatures. They are really nice and I hope you are proud of them.



  4. Splendid job there DB, it will be a pleasure to command them at some point.