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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Battle for the Empire

A while ago Jon and I dusted off my Late Romans/Arthurians/Saxons/Huns and sorted out a game using the Hail Caesar rules here in GHQ. I've not been a great success using these rules, indeed I'm almost sure I'm going to convert the forces into three Impetus armies next year, but we thought the figures should see the light of day for a game before the year draws to a conclusion...

The table layout and forces early in the game. Jon's commands were attacking from the left towards the ruined temple {my only bit of ancient terrain} with the objective of capturing the ruin and preventing its reuse for vile pagan rites...

On my right flank the cavalry of both sides were manoeuvring for advantage ~

But my lads, buoyed by the exhortations of the rightful Emperor, Pompus Maximus, were soon getting stuck into the usurper's  hordes ~

Meanwhile, over on my left flank,events were much slower to unfold, due entirely to timid generalship or poor command dice ~

My Hun allies were pushed off the low rise after some desultory efforts to shoot at the approaching enemy ~

My Saxon mercenaries were even less inclined to get stuck in for the cause, and soon my whole left was being pushed in on the centre ~

Although over on my right, the forces of the usurper had been driven from the field in disarray, I now found my cavalry too far from the action to relieve the mounting pressure in the centre and on my left flank ~

Despite a little success for my infantry against enemy skirmishers, I found my centre suddenly overwhelmed and my cause in disarray ~

It was suddenly all up for my men, two broken commands and an army loosing faith in its commander's cause. The dismal sight at the end of the game as Pompus Maximus can only flee the field of Mars, again... The old gods may not be as powerful as they once were after all.

My Ancients collection is comprised entirely of Foundry figures. Some were painted for me by Matt and by Andy Dumelow and just under half by myself over the years. I must say that despite getting a tanking in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the run out of Hail Caesar. I may have to reconsider the plan...


  1. All Hail Pompus Maximus, but then again may be not :-) Looked good fun though.

  2. I'm quite fond of HC. Good fun and uncomplicated. Nice looking game.

  3. A thought on your plan... Well my plan which is in essence still a thought :) as impetus uses a fixed frontage and variable depth for units and Hail Ceasar uses small to extra large units.. Could these just not be the same base ie an infantry unit of 12 figures for impetus is the average unit for HC and the base of 12cm by 4cm means that a smaller unit is on a less deep base and larger units on a deeper base.... Still very much at the thinking stage but I do like both rule sets and would need my figures to have dual service

    1. Shaun, we were discussing the same ideas during and after the game ourselves. I think though all my Impetus bases will be of same depth.

  4. Lovely looking game! I find HC is always good for a fast, fun game with multiple commands and players...

  5. Greate AAR !

    Best regards Michael

  6. Very enjoyable. With a cup of coffee on this Sunday morning. Thank you.

  7. Thanks to all of you for the encouraging comments!