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Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Presents

I was lucky enough to have my whole family with me for Christmas this year, making the holiday a real joy from start to finish! I was also lucky enough to receive several wargames related presents this year. From Sue, my wife, I got a battery of Trent Miniatures 28mm French Revolutionary Wars Horse Artillery to add to my growing 2014 project. From Matt, my son, I got the second of my unique 'Personality' figures, a second ACW General; this time a Confederate, Jubal E Bykleigh! More on both of these gifts as they are painted in the coming weeks. From Ruth, my daughter, I got the new Private Eye History in Cartoons which has had me chuckling steadily since I opened it on the Day!
Finally, from my wargaming chums in the GHQ Irregulars I got a fine 28mm German Officer for our 1940 Zeelowe games from Jon and a mystery 'Red Cross' parcel from Phil ~

It contained three wonderful additions to my collection in the shape of a fully assembled and painted 1/48th scale kit of an Airco A10 with its own unique landscaped flight stand. It will do duty in our developing Great War games and also see action in Rhanzlistan I am sure.

And lurking amongst the packaging was a very pleasant surprise in the form of a painted and based Staff Car for the 1914 games next year!

It will need some base work to match my collection and the rear passenger needs some work ~ I painted these earlier in the month for another project but they fit the car so well. But, I'm sure you will agree, a really spiffing set of hobby related gifts to mark Christmas 2013! A final picture of my only win this month, a Wings of War game with Phil: Captain Bicclesworth downs the Hun ace, von Rhobinsaan, the Pink Baron ~

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