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Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Great Detective ~ update

A few shots of the progress I've made recently with the Oshiro Victorian buildings. I'll combine them on the tabletop with the existing Dock tile and Cemetery tile from the Pulp set up. I'm waiting on two more buildings from James: a two storey shop front and a small pumping station. A general overview in period look ~

The local industry: Josiah Robinson & Son, import & export to the Empire. The walls, from Hovels, will need repainting before I finish a base for this piece ~

St Editha's Mission - to Seamen & Fallen Women - and an Ironmongers ~

The Ironmongers' window display ~

Two shop front buildings: a butcher and the Britannia Inn ~

The butcher's window display - downloaded from the net {and resized} after a long search. The inn's windows are greaseproof paper ~

A row of terraced houses ~

The advertising boards, like the shop window displays, are the result of long trawling on net searches. As I don't plan any interiors for the buildings this time around, I thought a few window displays were in order. I still have to make the shop front name signs.
When all is done I have to solve the problem of back yards for the buildings and a cobbled texture for the roads, but all that will have to wait now for 2014...


  1. This looks great your hours of searching has really paid off in the shop window displays.

    1. Thanks Robert! Since the post I've found some useful posters to add to the walls.

  2. Wonderful looking terrain. Nice detailing and clever use of prints for the shop windows. I might 'borrow' that idea for a project I have in mind.


    1. Please feel free to 'loan' any ideas. That's how our wonderful hobby grows after all.