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Tuesday 3 December 2013

En Avant!

I've broken a promise I made to myself earlier in the year! I had decided that there would be no more major painting projects undertaken, where I would paint both sides' armies in 28mm. I've spent the last two days, on and off, cleaning up and spraying figures for the first of two new 28mm Armies ~ the Republican French for the Flanders Campaign in the 1790s. I still have the bones of a British force to deal with, though that will have to wait a few days now anyway ~ sore fingers and out of white acrylic spray!
I bought the two forces from Duncan Macfarlane's Trent Miniatures stand at Partizans and at Derby earlier this year. I need to explain my motivation to undertake this project: I have decided that I am not old after all!{ I met a 72 year old on Sunday at Wargamer. Not only still actively wargaming at the local club, but a part of the club's demonstation game team! Age, I have decided, is all in the mind! At least, that's what I'm telling myself for now!}
I also want to sell my SYW collection next year, or at least a part of it, as I shall move its focus from Europe to North America. More on that plan in 2014 I hope! My son, Matthew made the masters for almost all the French you'll see on this entry, with the exception of the 8th Cavalry, and some of the British as well I believe. The whole force to date ~
I've got three Line and one Legere battalions at present, together with a battery of guns {a 12lbr and a Howitzer}, some Dragoons and some 8th Cavalry and a command stand! I've got a few pictures to show the character of the figures, which was a further reason to choose them, as if I needed one that is...
I decided to publish them 'in the raw' like this as I found it motivated me to get started with the painting when I did a similar post for the RFF {see an earlier Blog entry} and so I'm hoping for similar progress with this project next year.
The British force is slightly smaller ~ well, it is only French rabble they are up against! In fact, both sides will be expanded next year I'm sure as I make inroads into the units I've prepared for painting action! I may add an entry when I get the British troops ready, but they are still a few odd figures light which I'll pick up early in the new year, so I may not bother until I've got some painted.


  1. Those are some characterful sculpts there. Is it to be General de Brigade Bykleigh?

    1. Well, perhaps; but more likely Gen de Brigade Dumerde!

  2. There is life in the Old Dog yet :-) I had forgotten how spiffing Matt's revolutionary war stuff was.

    1. Woof Woof! I may yet be bright eyed and bushy tailed! Its lovely and characterful is n't it? I may even paint one or two this month yet.