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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Way We Were...

I was trying to find something this morning, with the expected lack of success as it turned out, when I came upon some old photo albums ~ you remember them don't you, the things we used to have before digital photography? They turned out to be collections of pictures relating to my gaming activities going back into the mid 1970's...
Here I am {taking up rather less space then I see} at the conclusion of a Sunday game at Alumwell Wargames Society in the late 70's. I can't recall much about that game, other than the terrible defeat I suffered...

A very faded photo of the very first WMMS, which Phil and I had organised, probably round about 1978{?}.
Anyone recognise themselves there?

I took this sometime in the early 1990's, while staying with my friend Dave P in Fayetteville, NC. Its a Mexican-American War game played over some of Dave's wonderful terrain in his gaming suite! I can't identify all the players now I'm afraid, but on the left is Sean, a Colonel last time I saw him;
Joe Brecher is the seated chap and to the right of him is Dave P. Can anyone identify the remaining members in the photo?
I do remember this day game quite vividly, with my Mexican peasants routing one of Dave's Regular units and then almost capturing his personality figure too! The group rejoiced under the name of the Fayetteville Area Gamers, or FAGs...not so politically correct today I suppose?

I've spent quite some time looking through the albums, admiring all those figures I so lovingly painted and wondering where they all finished up, and thinking where all those years went to so quickly? Not wasted years of course, but gone all the same. I'll try and post some other pictures in a day or two when I've got a minute or two; perhaps it will spark your very own bought of nostalgia?

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  1. The guy in the red shirt looks very much like a Colonel I knew - first name would be Karl. Best, Dean