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Tuesday 26 September 2023

The Camera may not lie...

...but it can certainly exaggerate and cover up a multitude of sins. A few pictures Paul took during last week's Punic War game here in GHQ which I thought were more than worthy of sharing with any interested visitors to the blog. Just a reminder that these armies were painted during the first Lockdown caused by the Chinese Plague, so there were some small positive outcomes from the chaos as Aly has reminded me. Anyway, on to the pictures in question and no more waffle ~

Three elephants from A&A Miniatures painted by Phil, though I painted the figures and did the basing. The Light Infantry skirmishers are from Aventine.
Two Legions: the Sixth, the Wolf's Cubs, in red and an Allied Legion of Etruscan figures. Most from Aventine Miniatures with a few Agema figures sculpted by Matt mixed in.
Celt-Iberian cavalry and warbands. The cavalry are from Foundry/Casting Rooms Miniatures while the warbands are from Crusader and A&A Miniatures. The exquisite shield transfers are from Little Big Man.
Ancient wargames armies are wonderfully colourful I find even when your own men are heading the wrong way!
A Celt-Iberian warlord from the Aventine Hill Tribes range sporting a tremendous helmet!
Haztrubel Bicca leading his veteran Libyans into battle screened by Spanish Scutari. The Scutari are from Foundry, the veterans from Aventine Miniatures. Haztrubel Bicca himself is from either Crusader or A&A Miniatures, I can't recall right now.
The Allied Legion made up of Aventine Miniatures Late Etruscan figures with pila.
Light Infantry skirmishers clash in battle here. I have yet to work out how to use my elephants effectively. Any and all advice is welcome.
The Triarii of the Allied Legion, the figures from Aventine Miniatures.
A general view from the rear centre of the Carthaginian army, veteran Libyans in the foreground.

Rome's Legions make a stiring or intimidating sight, depending on which side of the table you are sitting I'd guess...

And finally, a timely reminder of the need to keep those capricious 'Dice Gods' onside despite the all too frequent feeling that 'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!' Sacrificial scenics from Agema Miniatures. Julius sculpted by Matt for Warlord Games. The lictors and signifer he sculpted too, but for Agema Miniatures.


  1. Some fine photography of equally fine figures and painting on display there.

  2. More great pictures of an equally great table

  3. Very nice and thanks it's great to get some more pictures of your lovely collection. I want to get started on my own Punic wars/ Successors , but trying to hit my ACW goal first. This isn't helping!:-)


  4. A delightful array of beautiful toys David.

    All the best. Aly

  5. What wargaming is all about, two lovely armies fighting over a nice table.

  6. Lovely eye candy, are the nellies metal? Their heft must be most satisfying.

    1. Thanks Norm. Yes, they are metal! I got them when A&A had a deal on for £10 each.

  7. Ah, such a feast for the eyes David and very inspiring too:)!

  8. Easy to take pictures of such a fine collection! So much to look at... Wonderful figures sir!