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Monday, 1 August 2022

The War Party is growing in numbers

 Just before Sue and I left for our trip to Yorkshire I finished a second base of Galloping Major figures representing the Stockbridge tribes allied with the British in the French and Indian War. I didn't have the time to get them photographed before we left, so they've had to languish on their lonesome for a couple of weeks before I could show them to you on the blog. As I've already completed a third base since getting back home you can now see them both ~

And to save you scrolling back through last month's posts, the first base I completed ~

That leaves me with one more base, this time featuring three figures, to complete this grouping of figures representing the Stockbridge tribes. There is a second grouping of four bases also featuring Galloping Major figures, though these sport the different look of the Mohawk hair style. I'd like to add some Provincials to the British forces and some Militia to the French in due course if the war chest will allow. More on that ambition as and when I've counted my remaining shekels...


  1. The extra work on the trousers (how did you even see that detail :-) ) makes for a very compelling figure.

  2. Nicely done certainly worth several WOOTS!

  3. Great looking Natives. Are the rags wrapped around the barrel your doing or sculpted?

    1. Thanks Jonathan! The rags you mention are part of the sculpt.