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Friday 12 October 2018

The Trouncing of Bhykli Pasha...

For our regular Monday game earlier this week with Phil I tweaked the desert table laid out for last Wednesday’s Sudan War game between Jon and yours truly. I replaced the Mahdist forces with my motley crew of Egyptian Regulars and irregulars, bolstered by some Baggara Horse roped in for the game. The British, under Lord Rawnsley, must drive through the Egyptian lines of defence if they are to win the game, the Egyptians just have to hold their ground if they are to win. As ever, an annotated photomontage to bring you the nub of events~
The Egyptian right rested on a small walled farm, fronting on
to the opening of the wadi to their front. The far right was held
by three units of irregular Arab horse, supported by one of
regular Gendarmes.

As Fanatics the Irregulars must try to charge the enemy in
sight. Sadly their Command Rolls did not reflect their ardour!

The Hussars and Dragoons holding the British left moved
forward cautiously, supporting the infantry who must storm
the Egyptian lines to win the battle!

The first cavalry clash of the battle was brutal...

One group of Arab Irregular horse is Routed unceremoniously!
A Sweeping Advance by the victors smashes into the
supporting Irregulars...

Who are beaten soundly and Retire 'Shaken and Disordered'!
Still, with two uncommitted Cavalry units still in place the
British victors sensibly Rally Back.

As the British close on the wadi in their remorsely assault on
the Egyptian lines the second Egyptian Cavalry Brigade is put
to flight.

With their right flank now open, the Egyptian regular infantry
reposition themselves awaiting the inevitable assault.

'Some corner of a foreign field...' as the British Cavalry
commander is killed in a fruitless charge on the Irregular
Infantry in the wadi! It will be up to the Royal Surreys now.

As the British Infantry lines close on the Egyptians, their
Cavalry move to threaten the rear of the Egyptian position.

The remaining Gendarmes are Routed by the Hussars and the
Egyptian army is broken before the infantry can close with

As is generally the case we used the 'old' Black Powder rules, for the last time today as, just before hostilities commenced, the two copies of the Second Edition I’d ordered for us from Caliver Books were delivered to our door. I hope the new version will get as much use as the old over the coming years here in GHQ. I really can’t be bothered now to try to recall the nuances of different sets of rules, even those I’ve written myself, so I think you will get to see ever more Black Powder 2 games on the table here.

I ought finally to say a little about the Tiny Wargames Desert Mat before I close. It was made as 7’ x 6’6” to allow it to lie easily over hills and that it managed quite well. However, the material it’s made from, a synthetic cloth it seems, is quite slippery when figure bases are placed in hill sides, in fact they heavy bases slide every time. The colour is also interesting, looking very green from some angles under my LED lighting and noticeably changing hue when viewed from different angles, something you see readily in the photos I think. But, and it’s a very big but, it is so much better than my old felt cloth that I have to say I’m more than pleased by it.


  1. That's a great looking game David!


    1. Thanks for those kind words Christopher.

  2. Another atmospheric and beautiful report!

  3. A tidy little game, most enjoyable indeed. Thought the new cloth looked great.

    1. Yes, I’m pleased by the cloth too. I may consider a green one next year.

  4. Nice swift British victory, hurrah the lads. I also ordered from Caliver and do not have my book, perhaps because I am a tad further north, or just the third of my three rounds of bad luck at the moment.

    1. I hope the errors will not spoil your pleasure at owning BP2.

  5. Lovely looking game,I do like Egyptian regulars,cloth looks great too!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain. In the game they did almost nothing useful though...

  6. Another fine looking game Mr.B. It looks like Phil had more luck than I did. Huzaah!

    1. Thanks Jon! Phil certainly put my chaps to the sword!