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Saturday 27 October 2018

BEF Infantry

A good while ago I bought the Warlord BEF deal from their web store. I painted up some of the Support and Command elements but left the poor bl**dy infantry. In truth they would probably have lingered in the Lead Pimple forever if my long time friend and military modeller Ian Bottrill hadn't volunteered to paint them, as light relief from his more usual Soviets I expect! I've done the basing to fit in with my existing VBCW/1940's collections Here they are for your viewing pleasure ~

One of the great things about our hobby I've found is the spirit of mutual help and support, an ethos which far outweighs the moaning minnies thank goodness! In the aforementioned Lead Pimple for this period/Collection/Game I've got three Footsore VBCW Standard Bearers and the Tsuba 'Russian Band' set for paint conversion to the VBCW. I doubt they will be done any time soon though!