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Sunday 14 May 2017

Home from Carronade

Got in about an hour ago after driving back from South Queensferry. Sue and I, together with Phil and Di, enjoyed our long weekend break with mostly decent weather for May! Phil and I took in the Falkirk club's annual wargames show, Carronade. A few pictures of the games are in order ~
The Iron Brigade's 28mm Wars of the Roses game.

A detail from their game. Italieri church and Perry plastic cavalry.

SESWC's World War II game, minus Colin Jack!

Barrie Hilton's League of Augsburg GNW game showcasing
Warfare Miniatures' figures.
A detail from the game. Now that is a battery!

Dave Imrie and chums' Medieval game showcasing Claymore Castings

Hudson & Allen castle on their game.
Westerhope Wargamers' SYW with homecast Prinz August figures.
42mm scale SCW game by Durham Wargamers.
28mm WWII Urban landscape really impressed me, by Glasgow Warhogs
A small but beautifully presented Dark Ages skirmish game.
Who can resist a pele tower on a game in Scotland? Not me!
So pleased that my chums at The Iron Brigade, Kevin and Peter, won the
Best Demonstration Game this year!
Brother Bykleigh blessing their game!
Attending Carronade and later in the year Claymore have become a bit of a tradition for the four of us now, though Phil and Di can't always make the latter. They are our substitute for the Salute trip we used to make each year. Readers will know my views on that event so I won't dwell on that aspect. Suffice to say the two Scottish shows we go to are far better experiences as guests in our view, with wonderful games to see, very friendly folk to chat with, good friends to meet up with again, plenty of Traders for we pukka wargamers to shop with, and even for Gnome Botherers and their ilk! If you can get to either I thoroughly recommend a visit.
Just to finish with an apology: I can't name all the groups whose games I've featured. As a deaf person its difficult to cope with voices I don't know in a show environment. You may be anonymous, but you are no less appreciated. More on the show tomorrow when I'm fully recovered from carlag!


  1. Nice selection of pics, almost as though I was there ;~)

    1. Thanks for that Phil! Could've sworn I caught a glimpse of you there...

  2. Much better than my photos and it was a great day out. The 42mm SCW game was put on by old mates at the Durham Wargames Group.

    1. Indeed a grand day out! Thanks for the heads up on the SCW game too.

  3. Thanks for posting these as a solo trader I don't get to look around except shortly before the doors open so I never reall get to see the games.
    The show is great for all the reasons you've stated friendly and lots of talking

    1. Hi Graham! Glad the photos pleased you. I hope the show was a success for you as a trader.