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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

All Over the Place!

A short entry featuring some of the latest additions to pass over my painting desk and into GHQ. They are a really eclectic mixture, reflecting the new 'paint when and what you fancy' approach that I mentioned a couple of Posts ago now ~
Empress Miniatures AZW Boer & Mounted infantry horseholders. Dog by
Redoubt Enterprises.

Pulp Figures' Drawing Room Detectives', minus Miss Marple who figured
earlier in a VBCW context.

Highland Coos ~ by Gripping Beast I think.

FRW National Guard unit by Foundry Miniatures.

A closer view of my rendition.

The head of the column.

A Brigade Miniatures British officer.

Finally, what am I painting now? Why, Dixon Miniatures' ACW Reb infantry, the 10th Georgia and Redoubt Enterprises' F&IW French High Command to complete the roster of Big Men.Back to the future it seems!


  1. A productive long weekend then?

  2. Variety is the spice of life, a fine bout of productivity with splendid results too.

    1. Indeed it seems so, as I've just finished the F&IW French Command set! I hope the muse survives tomorrow's hip injection!

  3. They look very nice David! I seem to always have that paint what you feel thing and is probably why I have numerous unfinished projects!


    1. You and me both Christopher, isn't that right Dave ;~)

    2. I agree with your self assessment Phil! But I also think 'finished' is an alien concept to most Wargames projects Christopher.

  4. Busy busy........they are all nice and yes paint what ever you fancy I am currently working on VBCW land girls and Numidian light cavalry !

  5. Thank you, Matt. I've started more Dixon ACW Ragged Rebs!