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Friday, 7 November 2014

Hoodlum Horror in Howardville!

Some shots from a recent '1920's Pulp Gangsters' game Phil and I played here in GHQ ~

We played the game using Astounding Tales, our rules of choice for these adventure style games. The figures are mostly from Pulp Figures, with a small number from Dixon Miniatures;the buildings from Old Glory in the USA, whose customer service I have to say was second to none in this case; the vehicles are a mixture, mostly Lledo and Matchbox Days Gone By ranges; while the drivers and passengers are from Sloppy Jalopy. I made the harbour scene using commercial resin castings as for the cemetery walls and tombs. Our two Dons and their loyal if somewhat inept followers fought out a Gang War in the streets of Howardville once more to see who would control the Lower East Side this time. As Jon was absent on other duties, the local  force of law and order was conspicuously absent from the mean streets!
The Baldinnis make their move onto the streets

The Biccliones make their move lead by The Don

The alley provides some cover in the gunfight!

Other Biccliones shelter behind a building!

Don Daldinni and his family are cornered on the roof top!

The minions are all down, now its personal!

Don Baldinni sees his son and daughter gunned down!

He guns down Don Bicclione in his anger!

But meets his own fate at the hands of Victor Bicclione!

We had great fun amongst the tabletop carnage and general mayhem! Astounding Tales really do live up to their name in my view! A few other shots of bits and pieces on the game just for interest to finish off ~
The harbour scene, with the fleet in port again!

The Captain keeps a sharp lookout!

Man the guns!

Down and out in Howardville!

Baldinnis take note!


  1. What a grand street scene! This looks like it was so much fun.

    1. Thanks GJ! I'm actually quite fond of this collection, even though it does n't come out very often now.

  2. That's a great looking table for sure!


  3. A jolly spiffing game, though the two Dons may dispute this.

    1. They will walk the mean streets again, fear not!