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Monday 27 October 2014

This month I have mostly been painting...

...well, all sorts of things it turns out. Firstly, some more figures for my Wars of the French Revolution project, mostly from Trent Miniatures again, though see if you can spot the lone Foundry figure in the pictures ~

I've added two more French Infantry battalions, which brings my total up to six now, with two more still to paint. The first picture shows the sixth battalion in my collection and includes an early test figure I think, the drummer, which did n't make it into production. I had to convert the standard bearer from a flank company officer as I was one short!
The second picture is the third Horse Artillery gun and crew to bring my battery up to three guns. I really like these figures as they are so paint friendly when you get to them.
The third picture shows the fifth French Battalion I finished at the start of the month, all with red epaulettes for 'Revolutionary Show'! I find deciding on and painting the trouser colours a little difficult at times, especially the stripped effects, but I'm quietly pleased by the end look of it all.

Just in case you missed him, the fourth picture shows the Foundry mounted General from a small range of only just released FRW figures. I don't know the sculptor I'm afraid, but it fits in really well with my collection I think in terms of scale if not quality and gives a little variety to the look of the game.
I've added some more figures to the 1938-1940 collection for Blandings/Zeelowe/VBCW games. From Musketeer Miniatures via Gripping Beast, some more Militia and two sets of Brigands {I have a Stay-Behind squad scenario in development to make use of them ~

Finally, some Indus Miniatures, a firm I'd not encountered before, when I saw them on the Magister Militum stand at Derby Worlds: some rocket men for the Rajah of Rhanli's forces in the Indian Mutiny games ~

Sorry some of the pictures look a bit washed out, but I'm a novice on the iPad camera as yet. For more updates pop over to the Tales from Rhanzlistan blog {see sidebar} to see what else I've been working on.


  1. Some nice work there! I think your French general might be one of Michael Perry's, but I can't be certain.

    1. Certainly not a Perry figure, far too crude and post their working life with Foundry. Glad you like the figures though, and bothered to say so, unlike most.

  2. Lovely work there chap and I especially like the French

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Christopher. Liked your Late Roman cataphracts too!

  4. I say old chap those Frenchies are coming along nicely, looking rather grand they are too.

    1. TRansAtlantic praise always welcomed! How's the holiday going?

    2. All good in the Big Apple, on our way back later.