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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Taking the high road...

I've been away with Sue for a few days. We went up to Edinburgh, well New Haven to be precise from the hotel's location just down from the berth of the Royal Yatch Britannia, to take in Claymore and more generally to revisit Edinburgh for the first time in four years ~ real life having interfered in three earlier attempts! Edinburgh and its folk never fail to please me and throw up things I'd not noticed before or folk I'd not expected to meet ~
A SCW Memorial to the International Brigades

Phil Jupitas sketching in the Scottish
National Gallery

Apart from sightseeing in the city the other purpose of our visit was to meet up with several good friends from Scotland at the annual Claymore wargames show, always held on the first Saturday in August ~ not the cheapest time to visit  Edinburgh I have to note, but in my opinion worth the expense on all counts. So, some pictures to illustrate both the breadth and the quality of the event and perhaps encourage those who've not ventured to it yet to give it a go next year ~
The Iron Brigade's ACW game ~ Kevin's daughter Emma in charge here!

A detail from the game

Dave Imrie/Claymore Castings' Medieval game

15mm ACW game ~ really friendly chaps here & a great beard too!

Durham Wargamers' 54mm Waterloo set up

The Allied line

The French

Falkirk's Indian Mutiny game

Featured hordes of Mutineer Miniatures' fine figures

Their wonderful Indian buildings

And their fine walls adorned by the new 'Delhi Gate' ~ I want these...

Leuchars Veterans Dam Busters participation game ~
loved the rubber flying helmets chaps!

League of Augsberg's C17th Beneath the Lily Banners game

Always look forward to seeing Barry and Dave's offerings

It never disappoints as spectacle! Heaps of Warfare Miniatures figures here.

Tributes to the Great War Centenary were in evidence ~ the whole
Western Front in this one game!

Dam the Dardanelles!

10mm Operation Dilbar, 1915 ~ RN & Indian Army forces

Set in the Persian Gulf and featuring Pendraken's 100mm range

Of course, besides all these, and other, really splendid games there are hordes of traders and a large Bring & Buy to draw you in. I can never see the point in attending a show if I don't come away with at least some goodies to add to the Lead Pimple in GHQ. Here are the spoils of war from Claymore 2014 ~
Two Warlord Games Japanese tanks; some LBM Late Roman
shield transfers & Arthurian banners; 10 Dixon ACW Union
cavalry ~ the Osprey was a gift for Sue & I as part of the
judging panel for the Best Games.

An enjoyable few days away: time spent with my wonderful wife, a lovely city to enjoy, some fine meals {try The Old Chain Pier in New Haven}, a great wargames show, chating with old and dear friends, a stash to bring back home. Pretty much the perfect wargamer's break I'd say. Now I'm off to Phil's for a First Carlist War game. Toodle Pip! Here we go! Cheerio!!!


  1. Nice write up and pics of your trip. Was PJ VISITING or on display :-)
    Pity the show always clashes these days I would really enjoy another visit.

    1. Thanks, Phil! Enjoyed today's game, especially the result!
      I hope we might all attend Claymore 2015 you know!

  2. Dave

    Glad you enjoyed the show - good displays.

    1. I always enjoy my visits to Claymore (and to Carronade) Bill. I agree with you about the fine games and friendly gamers too.

  3. Some nice looking games and some interesting ones, the Dambuster's and the Dardanelles. And your friends with Phil Jupitas!

    1. The Leuchars Veterans' games always appeal to me, great advert for our hobby! I saw several families braving the flak!

  4. Great photos, David. That Dardanelles game looks spectacular. Hope you both had a great time in Edinburgh. I haven't been there in ages either (in fact the last time I visited I spent 10 minutes in the back of a police car....)

    Best wishes


    1. We always enjoy visiting Scotland and seeing our friends there, but Edinburgh is a personal favourite. Claymore is an excellent event well worth a visit. So far though I have avoided the police car experience... Glad you enjoyed the photos.