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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wettest April for 100 years!

Well, the weather just about goes with much of my month I think! I've only managed five games: not many by our recent standards here in GHQ. More than many will have managed I realise, but disappointing never-the-less. Even more so when I reveal that I lost three of those and drew the other two. A whole month without a win, oh deary me! The games comprised: a 1st Boer War game; an Anglo-Zulu War game; two ECW games; and finally, an ACW game. There have been photo reports of all of these earlier on the Blog, so I won't dwell on my performance now...

...in fact the photo from the opening of the Anglo-Zulu War game probably represents the high spot of my gaming performances for the month!
Painting has proceeded steadily, with 54 figures moving from the 'lead pimple' to finished state. They have all been for my ongoing projects of course: AZW stuff from Empress; mortars and crew for 1940 from Artizan; FIW figures from Redoubt Enterprises; SYW British Grenadiers from Foundry; and finally some odd bits from Perry Miniatures. A really mixed bag, but it has kept me motivated in what has proved to be a difficult month in some respects.
I've been out and about on two visits this month: to Salute of course and latterly to the latest Foundry Open Day. Firstly Salute: don't like the venue ~ its soulless, making it truly difficult to appreciate some wonderful work in the many games; miles from anywhere interesting; indifferent catering; expensive parking, I could go on! Despite these drawbacks I enjoyed the show. I bought lots of goodies for next year's Samurai bash and for my AZW games, but the highlight was the Shark Class VSF submersible vessel.

There were some really nice games on show, although its invidious to mention just some I think. I spent time on the Mars game put on my Nick of Boot Hill Miniatures and the Samurai game by James of Oshiro mostly, as I know the chaps and admire their work. The Corunna game was striking, but I'm left wondering if it was a game or a diorama really. Still, no denying that it was impressive. The show also seemed much busier into the afternoon than in previous years, so perhaps our hobby is a good indicator of economic recovery? Or not?
Obviously, I've mentioned what I bought at Salute, but what about Foundry's Open Day. I wanted paint, so it was easy to pick the single pots up there rather than order them. I enjoy rummaging through the many Bargain Blisters on offer of course, as well as looking at what's been made but not yet released. I got three BB's for my Indian Mutiny games, mostly Indian Hill Tribesmen, but also a war elephant for the Raja of Rhanli's growing army.

That's about it for now. I'm off back to my painting desk to finish the Warlord Oliver Cromwell and some more SYW Foundry British Grenadiers before I'm off to Cyprus for a few weeks. See you all later in May!

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