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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Back {-ish} in the groove

You know, its ruddy cold and damp in this country! At least it is after the sun and warmth of Cyprus. I feel that I need a holiday, even though the sun has just burst through the grey lowering clouds...
Enough of that maudlin talk anyway. I have managed a little painting since we got home. I've started on the Hill Tribesmen for the Indian Mutiny project {and perhaps for some NW Frontier action sometime too}. I picked up two Bargain Blisters at the last Foundry Open Day, and have enough figures for a unit and the addition of a Marksman to my Mutineers' force too. So far I've done one base of three warriors and the Marksman base. I think they will have to be the Burphas, after Carry on up the Khyber...

Before we went away to Cyprus, I had finished three more figures for the Anglo-Zulu War project. They are from the character additions of Rorke's Drift defenders from Empress Miniatures. I'd like a few more British infantry in 'shirt sleeve order' if anyone from Empress reads this...

I'm also adding to my ECW collection of generals. In this case the Warlord version of Oliver Cromwell. Not the best of their figures in my opinion, but, "He'll Do!" as Phil might say...

I've also embarked on a new writing project: rules for the English Civil War, provisionally entitled "A Crowning Mercy". They'll be in the style of all my previously published efforts and may be ready by the turn of the year. I did quite a lot of work on them on holiday, sitting by our pool and sipping the odd G & T in the cool of the late afternoon. It certainly beats work I'd have to say! Toodle Pip!


  1. Foundry Bargin Blisters are a good find - VERY expensive now !

  2. I think this is turning into an urban myth, you know. Take Empress 28mm AZW packs, now £7 for four figures, plus 75p postage. So, eight figures costs £16.50 in reality. Foundry still have many 8 figure packs for £12, granted postage on one is dear, but on several, which is surely what most of us buy, competitive. My point? No one complains about Empress prices, and similar like Artizan for example, while 'poor old Foundry' take a bashing again.

  3. Some nice looking figures, David. Good to see you back at it. As for Fkundry, I agree with you. I have never regretted buying a Filundry figure, and always felt it was money well spent.