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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Colours of Blandings

Since the BBC is providentially running the second series of its Wodehouse based comedy, Blandings, starting from this Sunday on BBC 1, I thought it appropriate to show the latest additions to our 1940/Operation Sealion/Blandings/Pig Whoo-o-o-ey games. They are three Colour Bearers from Musketeer, two for LDV companies raised on the Blandings Estate and one for the IV Battalion, the KOSLI. I finally managed to buy the figures this year at Vapnartak ~
The Empress' Company

Volunteer Castle Company

IV Battalion, KOSLI

Just a bit of visual fun on the tabletop and entirely in the barmy spirit of our games! I have created several more Company Colours for the local LDV units, using an original provided for me by Leics_Gamer over on the VBCW Forum Board, but I need to source some suitable figures to bear these Colours first.
On an only tangentially related theme, also fromVapnartak, I bought a Flashman figure from Empress Miniatures to use as a character in our AZW games ~
Sir Harry Flashman VC


  1. Jolly spiffing old bean, who-ooo-eeeeey.

  2. When I'm better, we'll give them an airing I think.