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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Staff Car 1914

I have had the flu! Not the 'man' variety, but the full Monty flu! So, not much to show for the last couple of weeks. However, I did finish a Staff Car for my 1914 B.E.F. a while ago. As Phil has recently posted his progress on our joint 1914 project, I thought that this car might interest the odd visitor who finds his way here. The car was a £1.00 purchase in a tatt box in an antique shop in Scarborough in February 2011 and the drivers are from the Empress Miniatures range of SCW drivers. Phil painted the car, while I did the basing, painted the figures and sourced the period maps, newspapers and war diary pages to 'dress' the thing.
A general view of the piece

Catching up with the news!

Newspaper, maps and a war diary.

War Diary

Ypres anyone?

I think its come out quite well, at least given my limited skills, and while its quite anal in its own way to source all the bits from period specific artifacts, I do think it adds a touch to the game. I found all the maps, newspaper entries and diary via our old friend Google Search of course and scaled them down as best I could. The driver has a road map of Belgium from 1914, while the Officer has a newspaper, maps and a war diary from September 1914. Pointless I know, but I enjoyed doing it!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rob! Nice to see a visitor who leaves a comment. Rarer than hens' teeth those chaps you know.

    2. You're welcome. I do understand - it's nice to be appreciated.

  2. You enjoyed doing it so it was far from pointless

    1. Yes, I did enjoy it, you are right, but for a 28mm piece seen from 3' plus it does n't make much sense in truth does it? But then, that's wargamers for you in a nutshell!

    2. As much sense than a blank page I suppose.

  3. You've done an amazing job with the model and the little accents, like the newspaper and maps, add so much to it. Well done - Sidney Roundwood would be proud to have that in his WW1 collection.

    1. Thanks Michael! Glad you liked the piece.