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Saturday, 8 February 2014

"Vive La Republique!"

I've been working away at my Trent Miniatures French Revolutionary War project since the start of this year, and I thought it was time to give my latest efforts an airing on the Blog. {There are two Eureka figures amongst the Army, which I got via Fighting 15s. I also bought a few Dixon Miniatures at Vapnartak last weekend. Both manufacturers figures are slighter in build and smaller in height, but they are being used on separate bases, so 'They will do!'} So, blathering over, here are my latest efforts ~
A Command base for the Army

Next up, the Demi Brigade Command stand, using the aforementioned Eureka figures. Nice figures, but  really 25mm figures in size ~
The Howitzer and crew to complete the two gun Foot Artillery Battery ~
Now, the Second Battalion of the Demi Brigade, an overview and a few close ups for those who can bear to look that is ~

The Command figure is from the Foot Artillery crew set ~ 



I'm not particularly steady of hands now a days, but I do try, as the striped trousers might show ~

The Elite company ~

 The Third Battalion of the Demi Brigade, in the foreground of the following pictures~
The whole Demi Brigade drawn up in Mixed Order. I'll add the flags when they are varnished later ~

And finally, the whole force to date ~

I'm working on some figures for the 8th Cavalry at present. The horses look to be by Copplestone, or at least in Mark's style, but the men are from a sculptor I don't know. They have separate heads, so some variety of pose is possible, but sadly as yet no command figures seem to be available. After these, I hope to finish the Light Infantry Battalion before the month is over. That will just leave the two gun Horse Artillery battery, which Sue bought me for Christmas! Then its on to the British Brigade I hope.


  1. Grand looking figures DB, Blogger seems to playing silly beggars with some of the images again though.

  2. These are terrific, your claims to the contrary notwithstanding. I'm not sure I could have painted those striped trousers on a steady-handed day nearly as well as you did. Bravo.
    I love the early Nap-era feel of these figures, especially the command stand, which confirms my suspicions that if you don't know much about the art of war, then just wave your hat in the air, shout lustily, and all will be well. :)
    Great work.