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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


...'To fight bravely.' Or rather the first month's work on one of my 2013 'Year of Being Japanese' projects. I'm planning nothing beyond a skirmish game, as I said last year. The bulk of the figures are from Museum Miniatures, with some peasants and Ninjas from Perry Miniatures. I chose the Museum Miniatures figures over other manufacturers as I wanted unarmed figures for our games, centred on local rivalry between three Jizamurai ~ Samurai of the Land, hardly distinguishable from the peasantry around them. I'm using a muted colour scheme of mostly browns and greys rather than a uniform look, with each side distinguished by an item of red or blue, reflected in a choice of red or white floral additions to the bases. The Ninjas and peasants who have to be available for all sides are outside the colour scheme on the whole, as is the baggage train.
The Baggage Train

Peasants to work the land

Women and children

Wandering Priests


Ashigaru with an Hatamoto

More traditional firepower

For this, the first of my Japanese projects, I've adopted a rather rough and ready approach to the figures: no eyes painted in; mostly just two colours, except on the flesh where I've used the Foundry Oriental Flesh triad; home made banners; simple bases with some static grass, tufts and a bit of floral decoration. I was inspired in this approach after reading Sydney Roundwood's Blog ~ see my Blog List sidebar ~ where he describes an it'll do approach to his Saga project. As this will not be a main effort of mine or frequent game here in GHQ this seemed the best approach to me to get the figures on the table and start tinkering with some rules. You'll have to judge for yourself now you can see a few more  finished figures than I could muster last year.


  1. Great work David.

    Looking forward to reading more on this project.



    1. Thanks Helen! Hope you had a good birthday by the way!

  2. For an "it'll do" approach you've done well. I myself often get caught in a perfectionist approach to painting which leaves me dissatisfied with my work. "Good enough" is a better mindset for much work, and in this case, it's served you well.
    The bases are lovely - where did you get the flowers? Are they silfor, noch? Curious.
    I especially like the Ashigaru rabbit banner. :)

    1. Thanks Michael! I got the floral tufts from Mutineer Miniatures ~ about £16 for a large box. Glad you were amused by the rabbit banner!

    2. Thanks mate, I'll check out Mutineer Miniatures.

  3. Looking good, even better in the "flesh" as always. Looking forward to our first game.