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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Confederate Generals

I've been mixing some ACW figures into my general painting of Ashigaru this month for a little varriety. As usual with my collection and preferences they are Dixon Miniatures in the main, but, tiring of waiting for Trevor to make Joe Johnson, two personalities are from Redoubt Enterprises.
First up, to oppose my Union army under Sherman, an Army Command base featuring Joe Johnson ~
Next up is a Confederate Division Command base: again Dixon Miniatures in the main, with a Redoubt McClaws personality figure~
Finally, a Brigade Command base featuring only Dixon figures ~
I'm quite pleased by the way these turned out in the main, although the Redoubt figures are somewhat less detailed and sculpted than the Dixon ones. I'm no real fan of the Dixon horses to be truthful, but they match all the others in the collection so they will do. The bases as ever are from Warbases, who I highly recommend for quality and service, with the static grass and clumps from Silfor via Mutineer Miniatures.
As ever, comments and observations welcome, though not really expected!


  1. Great looking command bases. Very nice terrain on the bases, just the right amount of detail.


  2. Suprise suprise! looking good, I shall weather permitting inspect them in the flesh tomorrow.

  3. I always love command stands and these stands are really nice. Great work David.