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Friday, 9 September 2022

Meanwhile, somewhere on Lüneberg Heath

As my loyal reader must surely know, Phil and I have processed all we set out to achieve for this 'project outside my comfort zone'. We hope that Matthew is satisfied with our efforts. As I've mentioned I've written a piece about our struggles, warts and all, especially my efforts to love plaaastic! On Wednesday next week Dan from Wargames illustrated is due to visit GHQ, for the first time since the plague, to take photos for the article. With that in mind I thought that I'd have a play around at a possible table layout which would facilitate his needs in the confined area around my table.
My first attempt at a terrain layout. Two open spaces at front centre and back right should allow Dan 'wriggle room' to get closer to the 15mm vehicles, figures and such.
An alternative arrangement of the buildings, seeing more modern accommodation for the workers of the factory and extending the settlement of Bikelheim.
The older industrial centre of Bikelberg. My wife has pointed out that I need to flatten out the roads!
A view from the modern industrial centre of Bikelberg towards the more traditional town of Bikelheim.
"From Russia With Love" ~ a film revival perhaps? I could not resist this German film poster I found on the net!
Housing the workers C19th style! Robansahn Metal Fabrik knows how to treat the workers!
The bucolic country scene encapsulated by two farms, one ancient, one modern. I'm not sure how the Creatures Great and Small will take to the coming conflict...
German Black Angus beef steaks may be on the Russian menus it seems.
Bikelheim, a small village which will soon achieve notoriety in the world's press as the centre of NATO defence in the shape of the B.A.O.R. against Soviet aggression!
A different configuration of the buildings, traditional village extended by modern buildings into a small town?

The next task is to lay out possible figure, vehicle, aircraft and helicopter groups to find the best look of the collection in action. Tricky as I've little experience in photographing smaller scale stuff myself. Nevertheless I've tried just one or two layouts and would welcome any constructive comments ~
Soviet T55s move cautiously through Bikelberg, their advance covered by a Hind gunship.
On the distant wooded ridge a Rapier anti-aircraft missile defence system targets the Hind.
While to the Rapier's flank a Troop of Chieftain MBTs await the T55s from the cover of the forest, carefully choosing their moment to open fire.


  1. Set up looks absolutely top notch David excellent stuff, you have amassed a lot of buildings etc in a short time 👍 let’s hope we see an invasion sometime soon !

    1. Thank you Matt. We intend to christen the game on 20/9 all being well.

  2. An excellent table, look forward to the opening shots.

    1. Much appreciated George. Still enjoying retirement I hope?

  3. Looks great, love the poster, nice touch!

    1. Thank you Phil. I hoped the billboard would receive approval.

  4. You've done a splended job of putting this project together...a very nice looking table! Well done to you both for all of your efferts. Most importantly, Enjoy the game!! 👍

  5. First game fixed for 20/9/22 now!