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Monday 28 February 2022

15mm CWGH Project Progress

Given developments in Ukraine of late I'm having second thoughts about posting anything on the CWGH project. But, stuff is there so, yes, we finally have some more Battlefront 15mm vehicles to show you after our recent combined efforts! You'll recall I'm sure that Phil has volunteered to paint the vehicles for this small Cold War Gone Hot project, fitting them in amongst his own and his commission work. This leaves me the task of applying the transfers and basing the models prior to varnishing them - when we get some suitable conditions for that! So, what have we got so far? 

Two Chieftain MBTs
Two Chieftain MBTs with upgraded Stillbrew armour

Five BMP2s to transport the Soviet Union's Infantry

A look at the Command vehicle for the BMP2 group

The Soviet Union's Battlegroup Command BMP2.

Phil has begun work on the next tranche of vehicles for the game, some Soviet T72's and some B.A.O.R. FV432 Mortar Carriers. As I've had to order more 85x45mm bases from Warbases, to collect at Hammerhead, they won't be able to be processed until after then I'm afraid. Patience is a virtue remember.


  1. Great looking AFV's there David and I must admit I do like my Chieftain tanks compared to the Challengers that replaced them. Quintessentially 'Cold War' IMHO.

  2. Very nice work from you both.


  3. Nice work and I half understand what you are saying about world events - but we are just talking about a game with toy soldiers so I would not let it stop you painting or posting about whatever you like.

  4. Very neatly decaled and based.

    1. I thank you. Painting is pretty decent too😉

  5. A nice job by Phil and the basing will do Mr.B.

  6. Turning into a fine collection Dave... a very nice combined effort! Well done both. Maybe a picture next to a 50p coin? so that we can appreciate the quality and scale?

    1. 50p? I should be so flush after Sunday's extravaganza!

  7. Lovely looking armour David…
    As I have said before… That Phil chap is not a bad painter…

    I well remember the first time I ‘met’ a Chieftain MBT in person… it’s a big old thing… and rather lovely in a strange way.

    I wouldn’t worry about posting about your toys…. They are toys after all and you have not invaded anywhere ( that I know of )…
    To summarise H. G. Wells… Little Wars are infinitely better than Big Wars…
    Keep up the good work…
    All the best. Aly.

    My opinions of so called world leaders are best kept to a private conversation….😳

    1. Little Wars are the only wars I am in favour of Aly! Thanks for your support as ever, it's much appreciated.