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Thursday 28 November 2019

Attack on Fort Découragement

As I mentioned in the previous Blog post,Phil and I tackled a second F&IW game in our regular Monday meeting here in GHQ last week. Phil as Lord Rawnsley assumed command of the British force, keen to follow up its success under Lord Walton, while I had the task of rallying my defeated French force and halting the British advance. In this I was aided by being able to fall back towards Fort Decouragement to give my battered force a secure base at least. I also had the very faint hope for the timely arrival of my Paddoquoi Allies who had taken the previous defeat very badly.
At the start of the game, the Fort and its environs as the armies

De Bykli overseas the deployment of the defenders as the
British under Lord Rawnsley hasten to the attack.

Some early success for the French! The British attack falters
under French fire!

The Rangers advance on the British right flank. But those
treacherous Padoquoi have been seduced to the British cause!

Local French settlers have flanked the British infantry to aid
their regulars and woodsmen.

A group of Rangers are in the French rear, an ominous sign...

Oblivious to the new threat, the French look to their front.

Fire from the fort disrupts the Rangers and eases the threat on
the French positions.

But in the next turn, its all up for the French and they march
away from the fort a broken force...

While on the French left the treacherous Paddoquoi massacre
the surviving French settlers!

At least De Bykli saves his face, marching out with the Honours
of War as the fort is put to the flame!
Again Black Powder proved robust enough to deliver an excellent and gripping game going almost to the wire despite our tinkering with the parameters of unit sizes and the nature of command and control. It will be a while until we revisit the F&IW here in GHQ. I hope to add a few more figures this coming year, the usual riders to ambition being added of course. No games here in GHQ next week, as Phil is away on a tad of R&R and Jon is unavailable,but don't despair I have some finished units ready to show you next week. Now there's a treat to look forward to...or not.


  1. Once again a beautiful table and a good report.

  2. Lovely looking game, both figures and terrain. Nice that BP handles a smallish and 'irregular' such as this.

  3. Once again a lovely looking game at GHQ!


  4. A fine game in which BP handled things admirably. Lord R pushed through in fine style, though a bit touch and go at one point.

    1. Close game, but for the dice of course.

  5. Lovely pictures, great looking game David!

  6. Nice game David I have some more FIW troops waiting to be painted ! But the pile is a little too big at the moment 👍

  7. Nice looking game, can't believe Phil has won a game!
    Best Iain

  8. A splendid looking affair David...

    Phil winning games!..me winning games!.. whatever next.. the worlds gone topsy turvy.
    All the best. Aly

  9. Looks great - figures and terrain both.