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Sunday, 21 July 2019

ADCs for the War of 1812-15

As you no doubt remember, here in GHQ we decided last year to use Black Powder for all of our Horse and Musket period battlegames. With the arrival of the second edition, and the changes in the influence of the C-in- C, I've wanted to add ADCs to the appropriate armies. The ACW and AWI are well served with mounted officers, the SYW has been dealt with now, leaving the War of 1812-15 to be addressed.
For the Americans I already had a spare Foundry mounted officer figure, so he has been pressed into service to fill the role. Mounted on a 40mm round base he can't be mistaken for his brother officers who command brigades on larger round bases ~

For the Anglo-Canadians I had nothing suitable, so a quick order to Perry Miniatures brought a pack of their 1807-12 ADCs, together with a similar pack of period mounted Colonels, of which more anon. One of the ADC figures is a single piece casting  sculpted wearing his greatcoat, most appropriate thought I for the Canadian theatre of war!  Again he's mounted on a 40mm round base to help him stand out ~

Now, if you haven't lost the will to live yet, you may be wondering about the remaining two ADCs and the three Colonels. Well, one Colonel makes a fine commander for the mounted arm and the remaining four figures will make two pairs and form new Command bases at some future date!
My flags from Flags of War arrived safely in the end and so the Anglo-Canadian regiments are getting new flags to smarten them up for their next outing.