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Monday 24 August 2015

Rohan's Freikorps 1794

I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut right now. Another Monday, another missed game with Phil! My fault again, as I had an appointment at the doctor's. Fortunately the news was generally good, so I've decided not to waste the day entirely and instead put up some shots of my latest addition to the Wars of the French Revolution project in the form of a unit 'representing' Rohan's Freikorps, a unit of French emigres raised in Flanders in 1794. The figures are from Foundry, part of the 'new look' early Napoleonic Wars range the previous management put out. As figures go they are a bit of a throw back to earlier sculpting styles, very definitely not of the Perrys' look, but they have a certain charm never the less. There were two packs, labelled as Early Austrian Grenz, a command pack of six figures and a rank and file of eight. I bought two of the latter and the command, not really knowing how I'd incorporate them into my 1793-95 Flanders project. Not long after I acquired them, I bought an Osprey of the Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars, the Infantry volume, for £5.00 at Stafford Barrage wargames show and while browsing for inspiration came across a list of Freikorps units, of which Rohan's Freikorps unit fitted the bill nicely, while the uniform details, such as they were, more or less fitted the look of the figures in question. Of course I must say right now that the collars are wrong and there are no plumes on the early shakos, but the figures can easily represent such a unit in my games for me! They will do, as Phil might say...
Rohan's Freikorps drawn up in loose line. Bases are 40 x 40mm with two figures to a base rather than the Line regiments' four figures to a base.
A closer view of the figures. I could n't see the eyes, so they were n't painted in on this unit! I've also based up six figures as skirmishers to place in front of the unit to better represent it's more loose formation.
This picture gives an idea, I hope, of the look I'm after on the tabletop for this type of unit. I have three more infantry units to add to the collection at present. They are a Highland unit for the British, which although painted as the 42nd will be known in our games as the Dunwhingin Fencibles, with their colonel one Alexander Salmond, Laird of Dunwhingin. There are two further infantry Regiments for the Allies, one of Trent Miniatures and one of Reiver Castings. They will be outfitted as Hanoverians, just for the slightly different look. I've got some Hanoverian flags now from GMB Designs, so I hope to start on these two units next month.


  1. You have made a good job on what are certainly very uninspiring figures.

    1. Thanks,Phil! Glad you think they turned out OK.

  2. Beautiful figures and photos David!